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Are You Still Not Using Grey in Your Interior Design…?

03 Jul 2019 by |

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Are You Still Not Using Grey in Your Interior Design?

Grey has shed its drab image and emerged as the new neutral of the twenty-tens. From the palest whisper to deep and dramatic, it is versatile and beautiful. And, it goes with absolutely everything.

Life in Monochrome

Condominium Waterfront Waves | Ciseern by Designer Furnishings Pte Ltd

This grey interior design mixes classic with contemporary. A white chesterfield sofa sits comfortably on top of a pony hair rug and alongside a post-modern chair – and why not? The elegant mid-grey walls tie everything together, beautifully, in this eclectic yet monochromatic colour scheme.

Mid-Grey Mid-Century Modern

Condominium Tree House | Flo Design Pte Ltd

A mid-grey feature wall in this Singaporean condominium is the perfect foil for a mid-century modern sofa, Scandinavian-inspired light wooden pieces and statement pendant lamps. It adds warmth without fussiness and cosiness without clutter.

Luxe Meets Groovy

Condominium Decosia Studio Apartment | Cosy Living Pte Ltd

The deep grey TV feature wall in this Singaporean studio apartment emulates upholstery and endows the living space with a look of clubby luxury. The white moulded plastic chair, long-necked lamp and statement curtains inject a shot of grooviness.

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Shades of Grey

Condominium Waterbay | Modern Haus Renaissance Pte Ltd

Grey is layered upon grey in this richly textured yet essentially neutral-hued living space. A light grey sofa and an eye-catching grey floor rug, one shade deeper, are framed by charcoal grey drapes. This grey interior is saved from gloom by billowing white net curtains.

Barely There Grey

HDB 4 Room 633B Senja Road | ID Gallery Pte Ltd

Subtly grey-tinged white saves this space from feeling cold and stark in this 4-room HDB interior design. A seemingly white craftstone feature wall is, in reality, faintest grey. Grey cement screed lookalike floor tiles and a patterned grey and off-white rug pick up on the suggestion of grey. The result is a space that is light and bright yet warm and inviting.

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