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8 Ways To Decorate Your Home In Time For The Festive Season

22 Dec 2016

Design Trends

December means Christmas, and Christmas doesn’t just mean frolicking in the snow. At its essence, the Yuletide season Christmas is when families and friends gather to share each other’s company (and good food, of course). So just because winter doesn’t visit sunny Singapore, doesn’t mean there’s a reason to be any less excited about the upcoming festive season!

However, given the lack of space or time, decorating your home in time for Christmas may seem like a monumental task you just can’t be bothered with. Fear not, because we heard you. Here are 8 easy, wallet-friendly, tree-free ideas that you can try this festive season.

1. Warm Lighting

No cozy fireplace to gather around for the Christmas season? Don’t despair just yet. According to Henry Ong from Posh Living Interior Design, a simple way to create the festive ambiance akin to the comforting glow of a cheerful fire burning in the hearth is to switch your normal bluish lighting to warmer tones like yellow or orange.

2. Potted Plants


Blk 503 CCK-HDB 5 Room by Dezign Culture

While getting a tree for the house isn’t that common here in Singapore, potted plants make a great substitute. For the festive season, you can’t go wrong with options such as the poinsettia. The poinsettia’s red and green foliage are a good way to introduce traditional Yuletide colours into your house without being too tacky.

3. Dining Table Settings


Strathmore Ave-HDB 4 Room by DISTINCTidENTITY

This one has to do with everybody’s favourite subject: food! Christmas means lots of feasting, and lots of feasting means spending loads of time at the dining table. Get a candle-stand or two and/or some scented candles as table settings to create an intimate atmosphere where relatives and friends can come together and bond over some good wine and food.


4. DIY Decor


Parry Walk- Landed by U-Home Interior Design

Lanesty C. Asilo from U-Home Interior Design encourages everyone to try their hands at themed “do-it-yourself” decorations because it adds a personal touch to your home. She adds: “You can also mix new decorations to your old ones if they can still match to the [current] theme. As for lights, see to it that your using LED lights and some battery-operated decorations to save energy.”

For book-lovers, one neat DIY decor idea from Herawaty Liang, also from U-Home, is to pile some books up into a pyramidal shape, drape some fairy lights around them, and top the stack with a pine cone “tree”-topper so you have yourself a faux Christmas tree. Alternatively, the flower arrangement and interesting DIY coffee table piece in the above picture might inspire you to create something of your own.

5. Throw Cushions


HDB Executive by GSID

For those working against time, an easy way to introduce Christmas accents like green into your home is to decorate your couch or beds with throw cushions like in the picture above.

6. Wall Decals


Blk 808D CCK-HDB 4 Room by Renozone Interior Design House

Have a blank wall or two to spare? Colin Phua from Renozone suggests trying sticker decals for the mirrors or glass surfaces to enhance the festive mood. Wall decals are stickers that are easily put up and removed once Christmas comes to a close (check out the above picture for a better idea!). Colin recommends choosing ones that come in Christmas colours- think red, green and gold.

7. Dangling Ornaments


Condo by Trinity iDEE

Hanging decorations from the ceiling goes a long way in apartments where space is a limiting factor. Not only do you not have to re-arrange furniture to make room for the decor, dangling ornaments (like the rattan one pictured above) from the ceiling is an innovative and eye-catching way to dress up your flat for the holiday season.

Spread the cheer this festive season by trying one, or trying them all!

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