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10 Reasons to Switch to LED Lights

24 Sep 2014

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10 Reasons to Switch to LED Lights

It turns out that in the realm of light technology, incandescent lights have become the old grizzly man who’s currently being eclipsed by the younger, funkier wunderkind: LED or light-emitting diodes.Here are 10 reasons you should chuck away your energy-zapping bulbs and welcome LEDs to your homes.


1. It’s energy-efficient…actually, way too energy-efficient.

Get this: It’s 85 percent more efficient than compact fluorescent bulbs. Sure, they are more expensive than traditional lights and for a reason—with LEDs, you can reduce power consumption over time.


2. It has an impressive lifespan.

Hold on to your seat: LEDs can last up to 100,000 hours or 11 years of nonstop operation. Even if you have them on for eight hours a day, it would still take years—decades even—to replace it.


3.It’s eco-friendly.

In a world where we put premium on being green, LED lights take the cake for producing almost zero environmental waste. Unlike incandescent lights, LED doesn’t have glass filaments and toxic chemicals like mercury.That it takes so many years to replace one LED fixture means the environment is already spared from the production of 25 incandescent light bulbs.


4. Truly durable.

LED lights haveoften been used for traffic lights and industrial places, so you can say that they are tough, outdoors-ready, weather-resistant, and are operationalin places with extremely hot or freezing temperatures.


5. It produces the right kind of brightness.

LEDs can generate a high level of brightness using less energy, andwhile they were once notorious for producing bluish-white hues that were not household-friendly, they’re now capable of emitting warm, yellow light.
6. Safe to use.

It doesn’t contain any toxic materials nor emit negligible UV rays and infrared radiation.


7. It’s versatile and flexible.

When you dim an LED light and combine it with other LEDs, they can produce an amazing, mood-boosting effect (planes do this).  You can play around with it: make it crisper, warmer, softer, cooler. Hello, accent lights!


8. It operates on low voltage.

LED lighting is perfect for outdoor settings and remote areas because it doesn’t take a lot of power supply to activate it.


9. It’s convenient to operate.

You can control the brightness and color of your LED lights through your phone. Seriously,how awesome is that?


10. It’s a work in progress—it’s bound to get better.

You think LEDs are amazing now…but wait for a few more years and they are just going to blow you away with their efficiency, color consistency and quality, and reliability.



Cover photo courtesy of China Lighting Ideas

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