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2017 Decor Trends

28 Aug 2017

Design Trends

By now, most homeowners are well aware of the Scandinavian and Industrial design themes, which has taken the home decor industry by storm. However, we’re now about halfway into 2017, and are witnessing a new wave of interior design trends. We break them down for you here.

1) Greenery


No, this doesn’t refer to the potted plants you have lying around the house. Greenery is Pantone’s Colour of the Year, and this bright shade of yellow-green is meant to inspire new beginnings. With all of the turmoil in 2016, people who use this colour in their homes may look to revitalise and relieve their anxiety over the capricious environment we are in today.

According to Anthony Tan from Arts 2 Design Studio, green is the “colour of life and hope”, as it brings a calm and relaxed feeling to homes. It also helps to improve reading ability and creativity. He recommends matching green with white or blue colours.

2) Grey-blue

HDB 3 room by Dreamvision Design

Ever the reliable colour, blue is the most loved colour universally. People look to this colour for reassurance and comfort, as it can create restful and introspective moods. The timelessness of grey, when combined with blue, further amplifies the chicness of this shade of blue, making it a strong contender for the colour that’s going to dominate your home.

On how she came up with the colour scheme, Yvonne from Dreamvision Design said: “Instead of using a single colour, we chose two colours to play around with so that it will contrast with the theme and at the same time soften the atmosphere and not cause the blue/turquoise to be overbearing.

“To enhance the overall theme, we went for lighter shades such as grey floor tiles, which are also easier to maintain.”

3) Nature-inspired lighting


As mentioned previously, there’s a return to all that’s green and natural as people seek peace after the furore of 2016. This tendency has made itself known in the form of light fixtures as well- leaf lamps and chandeliers that are reminiscent of willowy branches, as well as lamps that resemble beehives. The list goes on, but this is a trendy yet simple way to create a talking point in your house.

4) Violet

HDB Project by Beaux Monde

Deep and solemn, violet is a great choice for homeowners who prefer a more mature colour to match their home decor. Violet is known as a middle ground between the gender stereotypical colours of blue and pink, and “defy [defies] convention and blend[s] ideations of gender, relationships, careers, workplaces and living spaces,” according to PPC experts. It’s sure to make waves this year, and especially with the new generation.

To maximise the use of small spaces like the small bedroom, Paul from Beaux Monde said: “The only solution is making full use of the space with the help of fixtures. However, building up fixtures takes up space too, causing the small space to look and feel cluttered although the objective of maximising space is fulfilled.

“In this bedroom, we used mirrors and glass panels to create depth of space and reflections of the mirrors brighten up the room to make it feel spaceous and light. To make the bedroom feel more cosy and warm, we recommend using light neutral colours, like this purple textured Momento Paint from Nippon Paint to highlight the bedhead wall.”

5) Incorporate smart devices


It’s 2017- you can’t avoid technology even if you decide to hole up in Antarctica or some other remote location. Similarly, lighting is going down the path of the remote, with more and more light fixtures nowadays being controlled via smartphone. Given the wide array of options nowadays, you’re sure to love this- no more forgetting to switch off the lights even when you’re out of the house! For more high-tech options in your home, check this out.

6) Retro lighting


As home decor trends frequently follow what’s hot on the runway, the 70s is making itself known in our homes again. Forget the wood and neutrals that decorate just about every home nowadays, and embrace the old. Retro-style lighting is making a comeback with brightly coloured, quirkily shaped lights. Sometimes, the only way to set yourself apart from the crowd is to do what others have done before- 50 years ago.

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