Kitchen and Toilet Renovation Package Singapore 

Looking for a renovation package to spruce up your kitchen or toilet? 

Here at HomeRenoGuruour interior designers (ID) offer wide variety of affordable kitchen and toilet renovation packages for you to choose from.  

What is Included in Our Kitchen and Toilet Renovation Packages 


Carpentry involves building customised furniture like cabinets and wardrobes. The cost of carpentry work is determined by the size of the furnituretypes of materials used, and the amount of labour required. 


Electrical work 

Some examples of electrical work include the installation of new power points, lighting points, and covering of wiring using PVC trucking. The cost of electrical work is based on the amount of work required in your home.  


Masonry work 

Masonry work consists of flooring, tiling and wet works. The cost of masonry work is often dependent on the area covered and the amount of labour needed. 



Plumbing can involve the installation of washbasin, bathtubs, or floor waste outletsThe cost of plumbing varies and depends on the amount of work required. 


Feature wall installation 

A feature wall is an accent wall that adda touch of character to your kitchen or toilet. Factors such as the surface area and the complexity of the design will affect the cost of this installation. 


False Ceiling Installation 

False ceilings are additional ceilings that can be used to conceal wires, beautify the interior of a place, or control humidity. The cost of installation typically depends on the size of the false ceiling that is being built. 


Factors Affecting the Cost of Renovating a Kitchen and Toilet 

Type of Materials 

The type of materials used will affect your renovation expenses as some materials cost more than others. For example, using marble for your kitchen countertops instead of quartz will cost you much more, leading to a higher renovation bill. 


Size of Kitchen and Toilet 

The larger the area, the more expensive the renovation. This is because more materials and labour are required to renovate a bigger space, leading to a higher expense. 


Layout of Kitchen and Toilet 

The cost of renovation will go up when altering the layout of your kitchen or toilet. This includes relocating plumbing, adding electrical works, or reconfiguring structural elements like walls. 


How to Plan for Your Kitchen and Toilet Renovation in Singapore 

Consider the Purpose of the Renovation 

It is important that you think about the reason for renovating your kitchen or bathroom. This allows you to determine the amount of effort and money you want to invest in your renovation.  

For instance, you might be willing to spend more if you are renovating to increase the sale price of your home. 


Plan Your Budget 

You need to be upfront with your ID about how much you are willing to spend. This helps to align the expectations of the parties involved and ensures that you stay within your budget. 

You should also be prepared to fork out an additional 20 – 40% of the final bill for any unplanned work. 


Compare Kitchen and Toilet Renovation Packages 

Comparing the different packages that the IDs offer helps you to select the most competitively priced option. 

Additionally, when enquiring with the ID, you can suss out whether the company has a clear understanding of your needs. It also allows you to see if they are willing to work with your requirements, ensuring a problem-free renovation process. 


How to Protect Yourself from a Renovation Scam 

Meet Up with 3 – 5 IDs 

Meeting up with 3 – 5 IDs provides you with multiple quotations. This can give you a sense of the market rate and prevents you from paying more than you should for your renovation. 


Look for Reviews 

Reviews give you a better idea of the type and level of service you will be receiving. Some places you can visit to look for reviews include Google and social media platforms like Facebook. 


Read the Renovation Contract Carefully 

To avoid being scammed, you need to have a clear understanding of your renovation contract and clarify any form of ambiguity in the details 

The renovation contract should contain a comprehensive breakdown of the scope of work and costs for each stage of the project.  

On top of that, it should clearly indicate details like the workmanship warranty, payment schedule, and the defects liability period. 


Choose a CaseTrust Accredited ID Firm 

CaseTrust accreditation protects you by allowing you to be compensated in the event the ID firm shuts down. 

Aside from that, this also signals that the firm 

  • has staff that are trained to provide accurate information, 
  • has clearly defined business practices and systems, and 
  • is honest about its pricing; its fees and refund policies are fully disclosed to its customers. 


Renovating Your Kitchen or Toilet 

HomeRenoGuru’s IDs offer some of the most affordable kitchen and toilet renovation packages that can be tailored to your needs. Contact us for a free quotation today! 

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