Condo Renovation Packages 

HomeRenoGuru offers the best condo renovation packages in Singapore that are suitable for both executive condos (ECs) and private condos. 


What is included in our condo renovation packages? 

Most of our interior designers (ID) include the following in their condo renovation package: 

  • Carpentry
    Carpentry refers to the construction, erection and installation of custom-made furniture such as tables, chairs and cabinets.

  • Electrical wiring
    Electrical wiring involves the setting up of devices such as distribution boards and sockets so that your home will have a working supply of electricity
  • Feature wall
    Also known as an accent wall, a feature wall is a special kind of wall in your home that stands out from the rest. It may differ in finish, colour, and pattern from the rest of the walls.
  • Plumbing
    Plumbing work includes the installation of equipment such as pipes and tanks so that your home has a clean water supply for your kitchen and bathroom. 
  • Flooring
    Flooring describes the permanent process of covering the floor with materials such as marble, vinyl or carpet. This is to provide a comfortable walking surface in your home.
  • False ceiling
    A false ceiling is a secondary ceiling that is used to cover up unattractive elements of the house such as loose electrical wires and pipelines. 

Planning for your condo renovation 

Having a rough plan for your new home will be helpful when looking for the right ID. 


Take a look at the floorplan 

Taking a look at the current floorplan of your house can give you ideas on how you would prefer the new layout to be like. Some questions you should be asking yourself include: 

  • Where should the bedroom/bathroom/kitchen be? 
  • Do I need to hack down any walls? 
  • Do I need any special partitions? 


Decide on what your rooms will be used for 

For example, the furniture required for a study room as compared to a bedroom for a toddler varies greatly. 

Therefore, deciding on what your rooms will be used for beforehand makes it easier for an ID to advise you when it comes to the design, colour scheme and furniture to get for each individual space. 


Decide on your budget 

Take a look at several condo renovation packages from various IDs to have an idea of how much it will cost to renovate your home. This will give you a better idea on how much you should set aside. 

However, do be prepared in the event of any additional (and unplanned) costs.  

You can also use the renovation calculator to get an estimate on the cost of your home renovation. 


How much does it cost to renovate a condo? 

The following are factors that may affect the cost of renovating your condo. Do note that this list is not exhaustive. 


Number of rooms 

Most of our IDs offer renovation packages for condos with 2, 3 and 4 rooms. It is more expensive to renovate a condo with more rooms as additional materials are needed and extra manual labour is required. 


Type of interior design theme 

Some interior design themes are more expensive than others as they involve more planning, customisation and work in general. The materials used may also be more expensive. 

For example, a Scandinavian interior design will be costlier than an industrial themed home as pipes and wires will have to be concealed to achieve a minimalistic look. 


Choice of interior designer 

The choice of ID also affects your cost of renovation.  

It will be best for you to reach out to several firms for quotations before deciding on one that is able to best meet your needs and budget. 


How long does renovation for a condo take? 

In general, renovation for a condo will take between 2 to 4 months. The exact duration may vary from project to project, and is dependent on factors such as the extent of renovation and type of interior design theme chosen. 


Why choose HomeRenoGuru’s renovation packages? 

High quality interior designers 

HomeRenoGuru’s IDs are guaranteed to provide you with the best renovation services. Relevant background checks have been conducted on them, and they are verified to be designers of the highest quality. 

They will work well with you to fulfil your needs and build you your dream home. 


Abundance of options 

With over 40,000 renovation photos on our website to browse through, you will have no shortage of inspiration when it comes to ideating for your condo renovation.  

Apart from Pinterest-worthy images, we also have an abundance of options when it comes to ID firms to work with. 


Actual user reviews 

Our website also features reviews and feedback that have been provided by past clients. This allows you to better understand the experience other homeowners have had while working with the IDs. 


Renovation packages for your condominium 

Our interior designers offer the best condo renovation packages at affordable prices. Get a free quotation from us today! 

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