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Noah's Ark, Reimagined In Singapore As A TV Console

31 Oct 2019

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A tough brief – to marry the spiritual with the practical. A wildly inventive solution – a stylised Noah’s Ark that doubles as a display cabinet, storage unit and TV console. We spoke to the Senior Designer on the project, Winstar Tey of Noble Interior Design, about the process behind this epic creation.

‘Noah’s Ark’ spans the length of the living room

HomeRenoGuru: How did this amazing project originate?

Winstar: Originally, the initial concept was to create an experiential environment that would speak of the homeowners’ faith and also serve as a storage unit to display their extensive collection of Precious Moments figurines.

We tried several other ideas before this idea was proposed. The biggest challenge was to make it occupy the whole living area. We subsequently went to great lengths in brainstorming the possibility of turning it into the main console for the living area.

The front view, showing circular ‘porthole’ display niches and a concealed TV

Ta-da… the TV revealed, complete with on-theme nautical-inspired chains to secure the hatch

HomeRenoGuru: Why exactly did the homeowner want a ’Noah’s Ark’ in their home?

Winstar: The origin of Noah’s Ark underpins and symbolises the owners’ belief in God’s covenant and faithfulness. This strong spiritual relevance, coupled with its huge proportions, fulfilled the homeowners’ brief and ticked all the boxes in terms of what we were looking for.

View of the ‘Ark’ from the galley-style kitchen

View of the ‘Ark’ from the entrance hall – note the centred ‘porthole’, which creates a focal point of visual interest

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HomeRenoGuru: Can you tell us about some of the features and highlights of ‘Noah’s Ark’?

Winstar: In terms of functionality, we fulfilled the owners’ wish-list of a focal point for the living room that would maximise their storage space while showcasing their Precious Moments figurines. The ‘windows’ on the ship actually open so that you can insert and rearrange the display items, and hidden behind them are additional storage areas. It also serves as a TV cover when the set is not in use.

The ship was entirely made with carpentry, tested at the workshop, then broken down into different Lego-like parts that were subsequently assembled at the site. The exterior is clad in a special effect stucco finish to achieve the curvature necessary for it to resemble a ship, which could not have been achieved with normal laminates.

HomeRenoGuru: Were the homeowners happy with the result?

Winstar: I’m happy to say – yes. Their first reactions included, “It is awesome!” and “Wow!”, and “The 3D stucco effect feels stunningly real!”

Rear view of the ‘Ark’, showing access to concealed storage

A glimpse through the ‘porthole’, which creatively connects the living space

HomeRenoGuru: Have you undertaken any similar projects?

Winstar: We recently created a Batman logo-inspired display area with carpentry.

HomeRenoGuru: Can you share some parting words of advice with our readers?

Winstar: Your home is essentially a collection of everything that you love. Share it with us and let us help you conceptualise an idea that showcases your most beloved possessions – combining form with function, faith and even fantasy!

HomeRenoGuru: Thank you, Winstar. Sounds like a challenging brief turned into a satisfying project for all concerned – dare we say, ‘smooth sailing’? It certainly makes us realise that a TV console and display unit can be so much more than a cabinet with drawers and a feature wall to hide the wiring. Really, all you need is faith – in your ideas and in your interior designer. Thanks, Winstar!

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