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How To Make Your Toilet Look Like A Million Bucks

18 Aug 2017

Tips & Advice

For most of us, time flies when we are in our toilets (cuts to a scene of us scrolling through Instagram for 1 hour while perched on our trusty toilet bowls). Since the loo is such an intimate space that we spend so much time in, it makes sense to make it look and feel as luxurious as we can.

1. Hide the Plumbing

HDB by CAD Associates

One thing you will never see in any luxurious bathroom is plumbing work unless the pipes are intentionally featured as part of the design. And even the latter is pretty rare since obvious piping is usually done for the industrial look, which generally isn’t considered luxurious. Hiding your toilet’s plumbing work also reduces clutter and messiness, and makes it easier for other decor work in the toilet to stand out.

2. Generously-Sized Mirrors

Landed Project by De Style Interior

You will notice that many luxurious bathrooms feature large mirrors, some of them even have ones so large that they extend down from the ceiling. Stanley from De Style Interior agrees but advises against those that extend to the ceiling “due to moisture and high maintenance.” If you want to install large mirrors, you can have yours custom made to suit your bathroom.

3. A Stylish Bathtub

Kitchen and Bathroom Package by Rezt And Relax Interior

“There must be quite a few things a hot bath won’t cure, but I don’t know many of them.” – Sylvia Plath

A hot fragrant bubbling bath is the epitome of luxury in the bathroom. Any of us who have had one can attest to its therapeutic properties as we emerge from it flushed and fresh. There is a diverse range of bathtubs you can choose from, including the most common alcove types. A stylish option is of the free-standing variety with Griffin clawfoot or one that looks like a big basin.
“Free-standing kinds are good because they don’t require tile removal and are easier to maintain, but remember to purchase durable ones” advises Wilson from Rezt And Relax Interior.

4. Invest in Tiling

Bungalow by Space Vision Design

Tiling is key to the overall ambience of your toilet. For the lush nature feel, IDs typically go for earthier tiles like slate grey and off-white quartz with glitter. If you are going for the elegant look, consider using a mix of high-gloss marble, granite tiling, and wood paneling. For a sleeker look, you can do it full black with gold accents.
Another aspect to tiling is the size of each tile. According to Winnie from Space Vision Design: “For the luxury feel, try to go for large pieces like 300 x 600 or 600 x 600, or even bigger. But just be aware that with bigger pieces, laying and waterproofing will be harder.”

5. A Quirky Basin & Matching Tap

Landed @ Burghley Drive by U-Home Interior Designers

A luxurious bathroom should reflect your personality, and the easiest way to achieve that is by selecting a rad tap, which you can conveniently replace whenever you want to update your look. Also, be sure to invest in taps with the best brassware you can afford since they wear out easily. If you are more adventurous you can go ahead and get a rad basin as well.

A luxurious bathroom can come in many forms. For more inspiration on revamping or redoing your bathroom, you can check this out.

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