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Your Guide to Choosing Your Dream BTO

16 Oct 2018

Tips & Advice

If you start feeling dizzy and tense when your significant other starts mentioning the word “BTO”, you’re not alone. Buying a BTO, especially as a new homeowner, sounds like a daunting task! We have prepared a guide to help you find your dream BTO:

Check your eligibility in buying a BTO

Besides your citizenship status, you also have to take note of your average monthly income. Depending on the number of rooms, the income ceiling for each BTO differs. You are not eligible to apply for BTO if you are currently owning a property (locally or overseas) or have only disposed your previous property for less than 30 months. Besides, you need to check your eligibility of getting a HDB loan, in case you need one.


Getting a BTO near public bus services to town or within walking distance to the MRT sounds like quite the dream. Nevertheless, you should also think about other amenities in the neighbourhood. The nearest ATM, health facilities, convenience stores, hawker centres — they are just as important as an MRT. The downside is that the BTO price in a mature estate is significantly higher than that in a non-mature estate.

Yishun HDB 4 Room – Rezt & Relax Interior

Wilson from Rezt & Relax Interior finds most Singaporeans choose a BTO based on its proximity to their children’s (future) school. “However, personally, I prefer a non-mature estate with a great view, away from the crowd,” he added.

Choosing the Right Unit

Receiving the queue number for your desired BTO doesn’t spell the end of the #BTOBattle. In fact your journey to #HomeSweetHome has barely begun — it’s now time to “investigate” the unit! Here are some things to take note of:

Ventilation and sunlight

The floorplan of your BTO complex should be available on HDB’s website by now. Look for units that are not blocked by tall structures to allow for natural light and ventilation into the house.

886b Woodlands Dr 50 – NorthWest Interior Design

Shawn from NorthWest Interior Design highlights the importance of prioritising ventilation and sunlight, especially because of Singapore’s humid weather. Choosing a unit with North-South orientation is the best to avoid harsh sunlight, but it’s all about your preference. Avoid units directly facing West because of the scorching sun!


You may not have access up your BTO block yet, but you can try the neighbouring blocks to catch a glimpse of the view from your future house. Staying on high levels doesn’t come cheap, but should be a consideration if you are all about scenic views, or have an aversion to dust and insects. 


If you are highly sensitive to noise, choose your unit wisely. An added benefit to staying on higher floors is also to keep a distance from bustling roads and the sounds arising from the common areas such as the children’s playground or the void deck). You may also want to skip the middle units as neighbours getting in and out the elevator can get rather noisy.


The location of your block matters. If you are a vehicle owner, a block near to the carpark will suit you better while those relying on public transport should choose a block closer to bus stops or the MRT station.


Many buyers often overlook the importance of the unit layout. Richard Yea from Design 4 Space advises homeowners to “maximise their unit space. ”Avoid odd-shaped units and stick to the regular square- or rectangle-shaped units,” he suggested. Having a weird BTO layout gives you extra headache, having to think of how best to make use of the space or finding ways to fit in the furniture.

HDB 4 Room (BTO) 90 Dawson Road – Design 4 Space Pte Ltd

Even if you are the last few numbers in the queue and may not have much choice for your unit, fret not. Ronnie from Swiss Interior Design said, “Everything depends on the owner’s living lifestyle. It’s not totally impossible to fit furniture into an odd-shaped unit.” If you receive a unit with an irregular layout, do remember to consult trustworthy interior designers for their opinion! You will be surprised by how the experts can spruce up your new home!

Blk 353A Admiralty Drive – Swiss Interior Design Pte Ltd

Finally got rid of your woes on choosing a Singaporean BTO flat, and thinking about what your dream home will look like? Scandinavian? Modern? Minimalist? Industrial? What?!? Don’t fret — let us help! Request for a free renovation quote here, and we’ll connect you with a few interior designers for you to be one step closer to your dream home.

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