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Curtain Call: What to Buy

24 Sep 2014

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Curtain Call: What to Buy

Curtains regulate the light coming into your room, guard your privacy, and can make or break the mood of your space. When thinking about window treatments, consider the color, fabric, length, and lining. There are also a number of types to choose from in terms of style and light control. Take your pick:

Rod-pocket Drapes

Also called pole-pocket drapes, these curtains are made with a casing at the top where you could insert a curtain rod, creating a stylish shirring or ruffling effect. They’re a popular choice in the market, and apparently, according to DIY crafters, they’re easy to make, too!

Sheer Curtains

Made from polyester voile or cotton lace, these almost-translucent drapes usher light into your room without completely obliterating your privacy. Don’t get too excited though—people outside could still see through your window in broad daylight! Since they’re flimsy and light, they hardly provide heat insulation. 

Tab-top curtains

Want to achieve casual, hip, minimalist look? Go for tab-top drapes, which have “tabs,” or flat exposed loops of fabric where the rod goes through. Exposed rods are part of the design—make it brass, copper, or timber for a decorative touch.

Grommet-top curtains

Grommets are small rings inserted into holes through fabric. Because of the pleats they create, grommet curtains look chic and modern. Most shower curtains employ this style.

Thermal or blackout drapery

If you want to keep sunlight from entering your room, then blackout curtains are the way to go. With their heavy drapery, they can provide heat insulation and sun protection. Want to shut yourself out from the world? Buy this.



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