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5 Cool Ways to Apply Your Doodling Skills to Your Walls

23 Mar 2018

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Just because you’re now a grown adult with your own house, doesn’t mean you can’t be young at heart! Everyone loves some mindless doodling, and it doesn’t matter if you’re artistically inclined or not as long as you’re having fun. For those whose fingers always itch at the sight of a blank, doodle-ready wall, read on to find out some innovative ways you can meld your love of doodling with chic interior design. Also, if you have any hyperactive kids, this is a surefire way to keep them entertained.

Convert a feature wall

Blk 678A Punggol Drive #04-814 by ID Pte Ltd

This is the perfect “hiding within plain sight” design for those who are going for a cool, industrial chic vibe but still want to make room for some playfulness. In this design, this rough-hewn black pillar complements the exposed light-bulbs and wooden stools for a raw, edgy look, but it also serves a dual purpose as a blackboard – convenient for writing down the day’s schedule on your doodle wall, yet stylish as it doesn’t clash with the overall theme.

“The homeowner is a teacher and she gives tuition to students. The blackboard and dining area was designed to be used as a mini classroom during these tuition sessions,”  explained Johnathon Tan from ID Pte Ltd.

Use a full-length whiteboard

Waterview Condo by The Interior Place Pte Ltd

For those who want something more functional, opt for a wall-mounted whiteboard like the doodle wall shown above. This is especially helpful if you have kids who love to doodle using markers, but also if you want to write down daily tasks and reminders. Place the board in the study room or the kid’s room if you don’t want it interfering with the otherwise impeccable decor of your living room space.

Transform a sliding panel

Scandinavian by Rezt & Relax Interior

If you’re going for a more subtle look, incorporate the doodle wall into your design by doubling it as a sliding door for your bookshelf. Use a dark green chalkboard to make it less boring than plain black, but still retain a muted, classy feel that doesn’t clash with the rest of your decor. Parvis from Rezt & Relax Interior explains the idea behind this particular design: “Because chalkboards are trendy nowadays, it was appealing enough for the homeowners. And it serves as a good focal point, especially when they have something clever or an [inspirational] quote to share, or even some jokes to scribble on it.”

Be discreet with glass desk backings

HDB Maisonette – Toh Yi Drive by Design 4 Space Pte Ltd

If you have teenagers rather than energetic toddlers, opt for wall-mounted glass splashbacks behind their desks instead. Not only are they easily paired with almost any design, they add a cleaner and more professional look than a whiteboard for a doodle wall. Britney from Design 4 Space Pte Ltd adds that this design will “never be out-of-date, is very hygienic in general, and very easy to clean. There are also many varieties of patterns and colours to choose from, and the reflective nature of the glass can actually enhance interior brightness.”  Furthermore, the desk is a good location for such boards; notes and to-do lists are easily jotted down and it’s only a hand’s reach away if they ever get tired studying and feel like some mindless doodling for a while.

Buy doodle wallpaper

terng99 /

If you’re looking to make a project out of doodling, get some DIY colouring wallpaper for your kids – or for yourself; as we all know from the success of the Secret Garden colouring books, adults need to de-stress too! Stick up this “giant colouring book” onto your kid’s bedroom’s wall, and let him or her fill it up with marker pens, felt tips, or even paint!

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