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Colour Their World - Paint for Kids

24 Sep 2014

Tips & Advice

Colour Their World - Paint for Kids

Need painting tips for the kids’ room? Get a grip of what the colour therapists have to say first.


According to experts:

Orange is the colour of cheer and adventure.

Blue instills calmness & concentration.

Green helps children be positive and harmonious especially when pressures of growing up bring them down.

Sunnyside Yellow is for warmth & stimulation.

Red brings out the excitement. A child who’s already full of vigour can do without red.

Pink will thrill your angel!

Purple is nostalgic.

Lilac makes young girls dreamy-eyed.

Brown & Beige keep hyperactive kids grounded.

Deep tones gloom the room.

White brings peace.

When colours can mean so much, imagine the power of their combinations. For instance, Orange & Blue can motivate a child to be adventurous, calm and focused. Observe your child’s personality and choose the colours that best suit him or her.



You may want the prettiest wallpaper in town for your child’s room. But children are capable of tearing down that pleasure within minutes. Here are some fun ideas to keep the excitement alive and turn your kid’s room into a ‘work of art’. Without making the walls look messy.



Let your young Picassos go berserk with washable watercolours. Painting favourite themes on a large canvas can be exhilarating. Even the non-artistic types can use colour sprays or squirt guns to have fun without worrying about careful brush strokes. Kids can even paint objects and stick up on the wall. The effect is multidimensional.

Another fabulous idea is ‘shiny’ murals. Cut sponge in shapes of their favourite objects, dip them into acrylic paint and let your child stamp impressions all over the wall. It will give your wall a unique sheen pattern when viewed from different angles.

Nothing is better than getting the kids ‘Hands On’. Have your child press his/her palm into the paint and create hand-art over the wall. Tiny footprints are fun too.



Create a heart-shaped graffiti corner where lil’ ones will write a poem, message or a thank you note for dearest mommy & daddy. You can reciprocate your love back on the wall.



If the idea of using a wall as the canvas horrifies you, don’t sweat. There are alternate wall treatments to keep the wall paint untouched while you let the budding talents pour out their large-scale fantasies. Fix a big magnetic white board or chalkboard paint applied over a large surface. Even a giant sketchpad will make an exciting and constantly changing canvas.

With assorted paints and colour pencils in place, kids will love to trace shapes and patterns with or without using stencils. Allow them to express themselves freely. Every day. No Regrets.


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