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Be Safe With Home Security

24 Sep 2014

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Be Safe With Home Security -


According to the Singapore Police Force Crime Statistics, housebreaking and related crimes increased to 1,026 cases in 2009 from a record low of 898 cases in 2008. The rise in cases is attributed in part to break-ins at HDB residential units.

What measures have you taken to keep your home safe? With the challenging economy, the tendency for people to commit crime has increased. It pays to be diligent in keep your home and loved ones safe. For those who are looking at investing in a home security system, here are some considerations:


The key to having an effective home security system that works for you is to make sure you buy only what you need. If you are living in a large house, you may want to hire a consultant to identify possible points of entry to your property. You will need to be aware of how many entrances and exits, including windows, you have around your house. With a bigger space to consider, you will need to plan for a much more comprehensive security alarm system.

If you live in a HDB flat or apartment, surveillance cameras such as closed-circuit televisions (CCTVs) installed outside your door may serve as a good deterrent against possible break-ins.



Budget is a considerable factor in most purchases. Buying a security alarm includes taking into consideration how you will be installing the system. If you like tinkering with electronics, you may attempt to install it yourself. Otherwise, bring in the experts. The wiser choice will always be hiring a professional as you can get advice and tips on the most suitable place to install your system. It costs a bit more but that second opinion can make a difference.

Hiring professional monitoring services would also depend on your needs and budget. Having a bigger budget will mean you can get the security firm to help you digitally monitor signs of intrusion or possible dangers when you have to be away for a period of time.



The security keypad is an important link to your home security system. Not only will it let you enable and disable the alarm, you can also use it to decide the functions you want your home security system to perform. Depending on your needs, you can choose either a LED or an LCD display.

An LED display is especially useful when you want to stay away from difficult functions while the LCD display is much more complex.



Only if you really cannot afford to put in place a security alarm system, try a fake signage. A fake signage suggesting that an area is being monitored will usually deter undesired visits at first glance. Otherwise, try installing dummy keypads around your house. This is only a stop-gap measure until you install a real system!


Cover photo courtesy of Intel Free Press


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