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5 Art Inspirations For A Stylish Interior Design

25 Apr 2018

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Hillview Peak by  Rezt & Relax Interiors

As a first-time homeowner, it can be overwhelming when you look at the staggering number of interior design themes out there.

Where should you start if you don’t want a Scandinavian, Contemporary or Industrial-themedinterior design?

One way is to base your home design on the type of art you like. It could be funky Pop Art, elegant Renaissance style or even the glamorous Art Déco style.

In this article, we share 5 different art inspirations you can use to create a chic home.

Get loud with Pop Art

Condo – Segar Road by Vegas Interior Design

You may be familiar with the Pop Art movement if you have seen Andy Warhol’s famous Campbell Soup Can or Marilyn Monroe series of paintings. Besides Warhol, another prominent figure in the Pop Art scene is American artist Roy Lichtenstein who is famous for his comic strip style artwork.

Pop Art-themed designs are usually in bright colours like hot pink, yellow and lime green. As such, you can consider painting your walls in these colours and adding a Pop Art style painting.

While the Pop Art trend has yet to take off fully in Singapore, some retail spaces have used it to create eye-catching interiors like the shop pictured below.

Bugis Junction by Vegas Interior Design

“Singapore is still relatively conservative in the acceptance of highly expressive art forms especially in the context of a living space. Therefore, it is rare to find examples of residential spaces which explore the full potential of an art form such as Pop Art,” notes Erin Tan from Vegas Interior Design.

If you would like to infuse some elements of Pop Art in your home, Erin suggests decorative items such as the throw-cushions and wall posters. In some instances, a feature wall using a daring selection of wallpaper such as zebra prints can also be introduced to recreate the art form.

Condo – Segar Road by Vegas Interior Design

Keep people guessing about your Abstract Art

HDB 4 Room by Prozfile Pte Ltd

The Tate art gallery defines abstract art as “art that does not attempt to represent an accurate depiction of a visual reality but instead use shapes, colours, forms and gestural marks to achieve its effect.”

Abstract art is intriguing because it relies on you to interpret its meaning. Some famous abstract artists include American painters Jackson Pollock and Mark Rothko.

There are so many ways to use this style in your home and it does not necessarily have to be a famous painting.

“Homeowners can achieve this look by using floor tiles with abstract prints or a wallpaper as the technology for wallpaper is very advanced these days,” says interior designer Cadine Lim from Prozfile Pte Ltd.

However, Cadine cautions against placing abstract print furniture against a patterned background.

“Abstract art is eye-catching so it is important to mix it with other pieces of furniture that are plain or in solid colours so that the interior design does not become overwhelming,” she says.

In terms of furniture selection, Cadine recommends using modern furniture and jazzing it up with abstract art paintings.

Stay classy with Renaissance Art

Riverpark Residence by All About Designs

According to the History Channel, Renaissance Art started around the early 14th century in Italy. Some elements present in Renaissance style art include an emphasis on realism and the use of light and shadows.

“Renaissance style interior design is similar to European style interior design. Such designs typically look very luxurious and are intricate,” shares Kevin Yeong, the director of All About Designs.

To incorporate this into your interior design, Kevin suggests using elements such as checked tiles, European style furniture, tufted bedframe and wall wainscoting.

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Channel your inner Zen with minimalism

Telok Kurau Penthouse by Sennett Projects

This is one of the popular interior design themes because it is both functional and bold. Take French artist Yves Klein’s monochrome painting titled ‘Blue Monochrome’ for instance, there is only one solid colour in his painting – blue.

Minimalism requires you to strip everything down to the basics and it often uses a black and white colour palette. One nifty trick that homeowners can use is to keep decorative items to a minimum and place them strategically so that the space does not appear too empty or dull.

“Homeowners can de-clutter their space by hiding their items in cleverly designed feature walls with hidden compartments,” advises Fion.

Jazz it up with Art Déco

Condominium @ ParcEmily by The Orange Cube

For homeowners who love glamorous and decadent styles, Art Déco, short for Art Décoratifs is the choice for you. This swanky art style is characterised by strong geometric shapes, glossy shiny surfaces and layered lighting.

Art Déco became hugely popular in the 1920s and 1930s, possibly because people needed a form of escapism during the Great Depression.

“Art Deco style interiors are luxurious and they can instantly make your home look like a million bucks. You can incorporate this style into your home with touches like a marble solid top for your bar top, intricate wall lamps and geometric print rugs,” says Yong from The Orange Cube.

Citing another example, Yong explains how a matte metal finish for the feature wall can help to create a unique look for the house.

“A dark colour palette in the living room can potentially look dull but you can use a rusticated, matte metal finish for the feature wall. When the light shines on the feature wall, it creates visual interest,” Yong shares.

How an interior designer can help you to create your dream home

HDB 5 Room Flat – Tanglin Halt by Fineline Design

The process of building your dream home can at times be frustrating and stressful given the sheer number of elements to consider. These include budget, décor theme, functionality and space planning etc.

To first-time homeowners, these are also an unfamiliar domain. So why not leave your home in the good hands of a reliable interior designer? Space planning and design are an interior designer’s strengths and our designers have a strong track record that will take your breath away.

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