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7 Ways To Incorporate Luxe Hotel Elements Into Your Homes

25 Sep 2017

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The “staycation” is no longer a novel concept. With the average Singaporean’s increasingly busy schedule, the idea of enjoying the comforts of a hotel without the hassle of travel has become especially appealing. But, of course, luxury hotels in Singapore don’t come cheap. A less costly alternative is to bring the hotel into the home so that every day can feel like a holiday. Read on for some useful tips on how to incorporate design elements from luxury hotels into your home.

Less Is More

HDB – Blk 422B Fajar Road by New Interior Design Pte Ltd

A key feature of contemporary resorts is minimalism. Decluttered environments can easily prime relaxation by (literally) giving you ample space to breathe. Luxury hotel rooms tend to be neat and organised with zero excess, creating an image of class and cleanliness. The first, and most simple step of upgrading your home is to tidy up the mess! As with hotel designers, Judy from New Interior Design Pte Ltd is a strong advocate for minimalism. “If you like simplicity and want your rooms to feel completely uncluttered, minimalist design is what you need”, she says.

Keep Your Tones Neutral

Landed Project by The Interior Place Pte Ltd

Despite what the word “luxury” suggests, luxury hotels in Asia are rarely ostentatious. As with the minimalist approach, simplicity is key. Modern hotel rooms are often distinct for their neutral colour palettes – browns, greys, blacks, and whites included. In this way, the space comes across as neither too conventionally masculine nor feminine, appealing to all inhabitants. These sleek tones are gentle on the eyes and craft an impression of sophistication. If you choose to go with a black and white colour palette, Candy from The Interior Place Pte Ltd suggests that you “soften the whiteness of furniture with warm yellow lighting to make the home look more cozy”.

Add a Dash of Glam

The Vales by Sky Creation Pte Ltd

Of course, a purely neutral palette can also be used to describe offices and hospitals, which aren’t exactly known to be the most comfortable spaces. Be bold and sprinkle on some shine, edgy tones or shapes. In this design by Sky Creation, for example, the living room is brightened by shimmery golds that are enough to be noticed without overwhelming the aesthetic. This kind of low-key glam look can easily make your home interior stand out.

Look Expensive

Condo – Floridian by Vegas Interior Design Pte Ltd

Maybe the understated aesthetic just isn’t for you. A clever trick is to invest in expensive-looking furniture (that don’t actually have to be pricy) such as marble walls, elaborate carpets, and gold-rimmed chairs. In this setup by Vegas Interior Design Pte Ltd, the designers aimed for a vintage look that screams glamour and extravagance, uniquely marrying tradition with modern styles.

Low-key Lights

The Serennia Condominium by Vegas Interior Design Pte Ltd

Although often overlooked, lights play a significant role in shaping the dimensions and mood of a space. To replicate the relaxing atmosphere that characterises luxe hotels, try incorporating relatively dim lights that produce soft yellow tones. Not only does ambient lighting help you sleep and relax, but it also makes your home look more elegant and refined.

Invest In Your Bed

3 Bedder Condo @ Cyan by The Mind Design Pte Ltd

One cannot think of luxury hotel rooms without imagining sinking into the comforts of a soft, fluffy king/queen-sized mattress. The bed is arguably the center-piece of the modern hotel room and must be as comfortable as possible. Your bedroom, similarly, should comprise of a large, colour-coordinated bed and not much else on the side. Ditch the fitted sheets in favour of down comforters and fluffy cushions flanked by a sleek headboard.

Add Your Personal Touch

59 Flora Drive by Darwin Interior Pte Ltd

Apart from colour schemes and furniture choices, think about a theme that fits you. Coming from Southeast Asia, tropical designs tend to be popular, representing a much-needed break from the fast-paced, urban environment that dominates Singapore. Transform your space into a luxury beach resort with dark-wood furniture, tall leafy plants, and splashes of faded green or peach hues. Most importantly, maximise your space. Briana from Darwin Interior Pte Ltd stresses the importance of storage. “When you feel like you’ve used all the storage space you could, don’t forget you can still have a storage bench at the foot of your bed!”, she suggests.

Ultimately, one advantage of the home over the hotel is that you have the agency to add your own personal touch to the space. Don’t hesitate to create your own version of luxury!

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