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5 Contemporary Wooden Furniture Ideas That Will Spice Up Your Living Room

21 Feb 2018

Tips & Advice

Like Rachel Chew from ID Gallery Pte Ltd puts it, “Wooden furniture offers easy maintenance and will not go out of fashion over the years.” While durability and timelessness may not immediately be associated with words like ‘modern’, ‘new age’ and ‘contemporary’, you’ll be surprised at the possibilities they bring along, with a bit of creative flair thrown in.

Commercial by ID Gallery Pte Ltd

Walls that are more than just walls

In a city like Singapore where many homeowners face space constraints, designers always go all out to make the most of the floor area you have. Don’t limit yourself with movable furniture. Go beyond tables and chairs and explore ideas such as overhead shelves, or built-in cabinets that span across a wall. In this way, you’re not just upping the style factor in your home, you’re also maximising the use of space! Another bonus is that elements from wooden furniture are typically easy to replace.

89 Compassvale Bow by Sky Creation

An unconventional twist

When you think of wooden furniture, what comes to mind? If your first thought was a standard oblong-shaped table or chair, why not play with more ideas to enliven your living space? Think about it. If we veer away from the typical furniture designs and expand our horizons, we’ll discover lots of interesting designs that are interesting, eye-catching, and even give you tons of space for storage.

Punggol Field by Urban Design House Pte Ltd

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Going light

Deep warm earthy tones tend to be popular, but you can also choose to create brighter, more upbeat vibes with the use of light-coloured furniture. According to Carole Tan from Le Interi Design, lighter tones such as Southern Yellow Pine and Soft Maple are popular amongst homeowners, for their unique look and properties. “Southern Yellow Pine brings a unique aroma into homes and creates warm and cozy rooms. Soft Maple, on the other hand, can be used for value-for-money furniture and beautiful wooden flooring,” she adds.

Khatibvale by Le Interi Design

Breakfast table in the day, bar-top table at night

Eddie Yap from Dreamvision Designer Pte Ltd shares that bar-top tables express the style and character of the homeowner, as one who appreciates functionality and also knows how to lay back and relax. He also cites bar-top tables as a convenient and casual place to chill with a drink and chat while meals are being prepared. “Combine it with good lighting and candles, and it can also be very romantic!” he adds. According to Eddie, bar-top tables also help owners utilise space better in smaller residences – some homeowners even choose to replace them with dining tables, making precious space for other furnishing elements.

Bar-top tables are popular for the sophisticated-chic look, and normally associated with sleek, glossy furniture. Why not give it a slightly unconventional touch by using wooden materials? Now, you can rock the look, for a quiet breakfast or dinner parties with friends and family!

Yishun Avenue 9 by Dreamvision Designer Pte Ltd

Colours, colours, colours

A woodsy theme doesn’t have to comprise of only neutral colours. We’ve talked about exploring different shades of earthy tones. Why not go one step further and add a pop of colour to your woodsy theme? You can punch up your cabinets in vibrant hues of blue and red, paint your wooden furniture for a mood-boosting effect and more.

Blk 22 Ghim Moh by Imposed Design

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