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5 Easy Ways to Save Money by Going Green in the Household

18 Feb 2018

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We have all heard, read and watched the news on global warming and its deadly consequences. With ice caps in the Arctic melting and the sea level rising, some experts have even predicted that Singapore will be underwater by 2050.

It is well about time we all start to play our part in going green, and what better way to do so than in our households?

Here are five simple tips to save not only the Earth but also money – all while in the comfort of your own home.

Install Water-Saving Devices Onto All Taps

HDB Mansionette Flat @ Bangkit  by Artis Interior Pte Ltd

According to this article by Distractify, we spend an average of 1.5 years of our lives in the toilet. With so much of our time being spent in the bathroom, we should strive not only to have a clean, stylish bathroom; but also one that is water and energy-saving. By installing water-saving devices on all our taps, we no longer have to sacrifice design for practicality. Singapore’s Public Utilities Board offers free water saving kits to help regulate the flow rate of taps and shower heads.

Apart from these useful thimbles, you should also opt for low-flow shower heads. There are two main types of low-flow shower heads, aerating and laminar. The former mixes air with water to form a misty spray, while laminar-flow forms individual streams of water. Colin from Artis Interior Pte Ltd recommends laminar-flow shower heads.”Since Singapore has a humid climate, a laminar-flow shower head would be more suitable. It creates less steam and moisture,” Colin advised.

Switch To Compact Fluorescent Lightbulbs (CFLs)

HDB 4 Room by I-Chapter Pte Ltd

When people think of renovating their homes, they often think of major changes such as swapping out furniture or erecting fake walls. Often overlooked, lights can play an equally essential part of a design. “Try switching up the lighting of your place,” Ivan from I-Chapter Pte Ltd encourages. “It’s an easy way to change the ambience, look and feel.” If you are planning to use many intricate lights in your house, consider switching to CFL lightbulbs to go green while keeping costs economical.

Grow Your Own Vegetables With A Vertical Garden Wall


Many of us living in Singapore stay in apartments and face similar size restrictions. We often have to forego complex and magnificent interior designs – such as creating green areas – due to a lack of available space. However, with the rise of indoor vertical gardens, you can now get your hands dirty and reconnect with nature. Apart from growing flowers, experiment with vegetables, herbs, and spices! You may soon be eating the freshest salad from your very own garden.

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Opt For Green Power

Skypark residences by Summit Design Studio

Another way to go green is to opt for an open plan and wide windows. Installing ceiling fans would also help to improve air-circulation, cutting back on the use of air-conditioning and your utility bills! In designing the open living room for Skypark residences, James from Summit Design Studio also made it a point to add greenery.

“Open spaces allow for easy gathering and mingling. They also allow for more natural light to travel through the home, so there are no dead spaces or dark corners,” he shared. “By adding plants, we associate the room to the natural surroundings outside of the window, further expanding the room.”

Use Bamboo Flooring

30 Upper Serangoon View by Renozone Interior Design House

The use of bamboo flooring is becoming increasingly popular. Unlike hardwood trees which might take up to 20 years to reach full maturity, bamboo is a highly renewable resource that only takes three to five years to grow. In addition, it is also easy to maintain, durable and water resistant. The best part is the price point which is comparable to hardwood floors – so why not opt for the greener option?

With these 5 tips and tricks in hand, your home can now be both eco and wallet-friendly!

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