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5 Tips to Keep Your Home Resale Value High

27 Nov 2017

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What matters when it comes to choosing how to furnish your home? Besides making sure your home is functional and aesthetically-appealing, one other thing also matters: keeping its resale value high.

This is to make sure that, when the inevitable comes and you have to sell it one day, you can avoid the scenario of having many potential buyers and yet no finalised ones. And if you’re clueless and don’t know where to start, we’ll show you just how.

Focus on the kitchen

218D Boon Lay Ave by Ascenders Design Studio

Ask any interior designer, and they will tell you that the kitchen is one of the most important aspects of your home to focus on, resale value or not.

Because the kitchen is arguably the part of the house with highest functional value, many buyers often scrutinise the details of a kitchen before making their decision.

On building the most long-lasting kitchen possible, Jayson from Ascenders Design Studio suggests that home-owners communicate their needs to designers, saying that this allows them to “come up with the ideal layout and eventually choose the right materials”.

Get energy-efficient appliances

Condominium – Goldhill Ave by Pte Ltd

With energy-efficient appliances comes lasting resale power. If you furnish these appliances properly, potential buyers can keep them and they do not have to buy replacements. These means they’ll be prioritising your house over one that has eccentrically-behaving lights and half-broken air-conditioners.

One example of an energy-efficient appliance is opting for ceiling fans. These are a cost-saving alternative to standing fans and air-conditioning and will certainly save your potential buyer some good money. Trust us, they’ll appreciate this detail.


HDB BTO Block 669 @ Edgefield Plains by In2Space Interior Pte Ltd

When you step into someone’s house for the first time, you’re sure to notice the amount of mess that is present.

First impressions matter, and no one likes looking at a house that is piling up on the junk and has clothes and objects lying around.

Make your home presentable to your buyers with consistent decluttering, for them to even take a second look at what you have to offer.

Materials matter

Bedok Reservoir View Blk 765 by Cad Associates

Building on first expectations, many people look at materials as well. This means tiles, flooring, various surfaces used. Even the least shrewd of buyers would want some functional value to the materials.

Similarly to energy-efficient appliances, the more functional the materials you use, the less likely they’ll have to replace it and, the more likely they’ll be willing to be a buyer.

Use materials such as Quartz and NeoLith for counters; and hardwood and vinyl for flooring. In a country like Singapore where days can get humid, a meticulous selection of materials goes a long way to ensure comfort and peace of mind.

Materials do have a huge impact on the overall impression one gets on the house. As Anne from Cad Associates puts it, “the materials chosen will affect the ambience, concept and theme of the design”.

A fresh coat of paint

Blk 656 Senja Rd by Benz Design Studio

While it might seem counter-intuitive to freshen up your house with a new coat of paint when you are selling it away, buyers will appreciate this little attention to detail.

So, treat your humble home to a little makeover on the walls from time to time to keep it looking dapper. Colours matter as well, so opt for eye-pleasing ones such as white, beige and light grey.

Benson Lo from Benz Design Studio strongly recommends that “to brighten up the home, try to go for bright colours and contrasting themes”.

With a keen eye for functionality and the aesthetics, our interior designers will give you nothing short of a home that is timeless, durable and will leave a lasting impression on your potential buyers. Browse around and engage one today!

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