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Here’s Why You Should Engage Local Interior Designers for Your New Home

14 Jul 2017

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So you’re planning to buy a new flat and embark on a new journey as a homeowner. It’s a huge milestone – a far cry from the childhood days where the most freedom you had in deciding what your room looked like was the posters on your wall! Designing a home is no simple task, especially when you’re overflowing with so many great ideas. Here’s why you should engage an interior designer to help bring your dream home to life:

1. It’s more cost-effective

DBSS 311 Clementi Ave 4 by Carpenters

It may not sound like common sense – but the reality is that interior designers help clients to make their budgets work for them. Too often, new homeowners underestimate the real costs of designing a home and end up overspending. With their expertise, interior designers will also be able to find what you want for the most ideal prices.

2. You’ll be able to save a lot of time

274 Bishan St 24 by Met Interior

With an interior designer, you won’t have to worry about the nitty gritty – sit back and leave that to the experts! According to Eric from Met Interior, interior designers help their customers save a lot of time. “Nowadays people are too busy and don’t have the time to go on site to take a look, ” he said. “Interior designers can do that for you and handle all the details.”

3. Interior designers have the resources

Punggol Field Walk by Aurora Renovation

Selecting the right materials, furniture, or even contractor for a reasonable price will be difficult if you don’t have the contacts and expertise. Ricky Khiew from Aurora Renovation says that interior designers know the right electricians, plumbers and contractors to make your project as smooth-sailing as possible.

4. Interior designers keep it real

HDB 4 Room by Atelier Interior Pte Ltd

With interior designers to guide you, your visions will be able to take a clear shape. Interior designers strike a balance between the practicality and aesthetics of a design. More importantly, interior designers will be able to communicate your ideas to contractors and coordinate with them to get the job done well.

5. You’ll get professional input on your concepts

Tampines by Wideangle Ptd Ltd

It’s clear that professional interior designers will be able to provide a higher quality of design for your home. But their job goes further than that – they are able to suggest new ideas that you may not have considered, and are experts in tying your whole concept together, according to Clara Kok from Wideangle D-zire. More importantly, they’ll make sure that your design is a lasting one, and that you’ll be able to wake up to something you love every day.

Feeling inspired? Look through the design gallery to see if there’s a style you like, and get in touch with your new interior designer today!

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