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3 Myths About Interior Design

24 Sep 2014

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3 Myths About Interior Design -

Unless you’re “in the scene”, Interior Design can seem esoteric.

Many clients, especially new homeowners, are wary of hiring a designer. After all, it seemslike Interior Design is super-expensive. And don’t they do things that we can push to the contractor, or even just take care of ourselves? What’s to stop them cheating us of our hard earned cash?

Yet a light is beginning to dawn. Homeowners are becoming aware that Interior Design isn’t just affordable; it can end up being the more economical alternative. More often, we’re meeting people who’ve seen a professionally designed interior, and wish they’d gone that route.

Why didn’t they? Well, it comes down to three pervasive myths, which we need to get out of our system.


Myth #1: Interior Design is for the very rich

Interior Designers are trained to work within a budget. Whether that budget is $10,000, $30, 000 or $50,000, the designer will do his or her best, using the available amount. Of course, a bigger budget means more options. But you’d be surprised at how much designers can stretch a dollar!

If you want a great looking home, but have a limited budget, odds are an Interior Designer can stretch that budget more than you can.

Most Interior Designers work closely with suppliers, and have special rates. It’s sometimes cheaper to go through them than on your own.


Myth #2: Interior Designers just decorate, which is something I can do myself

Interior Designers are not the same as Interior Decorators. They don’t just pick out curtains and choose colours. They can also handle plumbing, the positioning of power outlets, and room ventilation. They know if your wallpaper will crease, if your kitchen will smell of food, or if the tiles will discolour. They know how to prevent all that.

They also know how to do millwork, sound-proof your home theatre, check that seams are properly jointed, and ensure you’re buying things that won’t warp or break in a few years. They even know the safety codes, so the SCDF won’t come knocking at your door.


Myth #3: Interior Designers are only interested in pushing their own style

“What would you like?” is the first question an Interior Designer asks.

Their work begins and ends with the client. They may make recommendations, and they’re worth listening to. However, they will always defer to what you want. Their job is to take your concept and turn it into reality, as best they can. In fact, most Interior Designers welcome clients who are very specific. Think about it. Wouldn’t you rather your boss be precise about his expectations?

It’s not like Reality It’s not like Reality TV. Interior Designers don’t conceal their work until the last minute, springing it on you in a “surprise reveal” (unless that’s what you tell them to do). You will  be in the loop every step of the way, and you’re always the one who calls the shots.



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