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When Health Matters, Materials Count

01 Sep 2021

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With the pandemic prompting all of us to re-evaluate our health and hygiene practices, materials for renovations and home improvements are being scrutinised more than ever before. Here’s why the high-grade aluminium exclusively used by A Star Furnishing is a great choice.

The Invisible Threat of Formaldehyde

It is no longer accurate to say that controversy surrounds the health risks attached to the presence of formaldehyde in building materials and household products. ‘Controversy’ suggests there is an element of ongoing debate. There isn’t. Formaldehyde has been conclusively linked to a host of health conditions ranging from mild to potentially fatal.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency conservatively states that formaldehyde can cause watery eyes, burning sensations in the eyes and throat, nausea, difficulty in breathing and can trigger asthma attacks. It has been shown to cause cancer in animals and may cause cancer in humans.

In homes, the most common source of formaldehyde, which is emitted as a pungent, colourless gas, is pressed wood products made using adhesives that contain urea-formaldehyde (UF) resins. Particleboard or chipboard, hardwood plywood and especially medium-density fibreboard, which is frequently used for cabinet doors and countertops, are all culprits. While many newer laminates comply with ‘green building’ codes, older laminates often contain formaldehyde.

If you are concerned about your and your family members’ health, these building materials should be avoided or replaced. If you live with vulnerable individuals such as very young children with immature immune systems, elderly relatives or chronically ill family members, the case for avoiding pressed wood products is even more compelling.

An ideal alternative to formaldehyde-laden pressed wood products is A Star high-grade aluminium.

Formaldehyde-free and Hassle-free Aluminium

The high-grade aluminium used by A Star Furnishing is certified formaldehyde-free, which makes it a great choice for cabinets in health-conscious homes. But the advantages don’t stop there.

A Star aluminium is extremely easy to clean – a compelling selling point in these hygiene-focused days. It requires no specialised cleaning agents, and can simply be wiped over with water, a multi-purpose spray or diluted disinfectant. Additionally, because it is scratch-resistant, there are no crevices and pockmarks where bacteria can multiply.

Moisture-resistant Aluminium Shuns Mould

Due to our year-round high humidity, mould is a relatively common sight in Singaporean households. Musty odour and unsightly appearance aside, it can cause a host of health problems. When mould spores become airborne, they can cause runny noses, skin irritation, sore eyes and occasionally wheezing. For a handful of people, they may even trigger severe allergic reactions.

While laminated, pressed and solid wood materials are susceptible to mould and rot when exposed to moisture, the impermeable surface of A Star aluminium prevents water pooling and seepage, thus eliminating the risk of mould. This is especially advantageous for cabinets in wet areas, such as under sinks in kitchens and laundries.

If health is a high priority for your household, the formaldehyde-free, scratch-resistant, moisture-resistant aluminium products of A Star Furnishing are the ideal solution for your cabinets and wardrobes.

A Hostile Environment for Termites

Another significant advantage of aluminium over wood centres on the ever-present risk of termite infestation in Singapore. These small but devastating pests thrive in our hot and humid climate and have an insatiable appetite for wood – or rather, the cellulose contained within it. It is a horrifying fact that a single ‘queen’ can lay up to 30,000 eggs in one day, and lives anywhere from 25 to 50 years. Hence colonies multiply exponentially, and the potential damage to a home is almost immeasurable.

Property devaluation aside, termites pose serious health hazards for humans. Though they rarely sting, their bites are extremely painful and cause relentless itching and swelling. They can also trigger allergic reactions and asthma attacks.

Choosing aluminium customised furniture over wooden furniture is a simple and effective way to prevent termite infestation in your home.

Not Only the Healthier Choice, But the Smarter Choice

Health benefits aside, furniture made with A Star Furnishing’s high-grade aluminium offers several significant advantages over other building materials. It is made according to precision engineering standards by experienced tradespeople with backgrounds in traditional carpentry. In fact, A Star Furnishing has so much confidence in its products that it issues a 10-year quality assurance guarantee and the promise of lifetime maintenance*.

If you think that aluminium is a rather cold choice that puts practicality before aesthetic appeal, think again. A Star Furnishing offers a range of attractive, woodgrain finishes that are achieved by an ingenious powder coating process. You’ll be amazed by the creative possibilities of aluminium.

Make Your Material Selection Before Renovation

If you’re renovating, it is of utmost importance to select your building materials before the hacking begins. Of course, even before that you need to select your interior design company or contractor., Singapore’s No. 1 renovation portal, is a great place to start your search. Look for an ID who listens carefully and takes your concerns seriously.

Given these health-conscious times, ‘a healthy home’ may have overtaken ‘more storage’ as the top item on homeowner’s wish-lists. Regardless, A Star Furnishing ticks both boxes with its abundance of attractive storage possibilities, meticulously made from a healthy, non-toxic, low-maintenance material.

For an obligation-free consultation with an A Star Furnishing designer, contact A Star Furnishing at 6200 8588 today or visit to chat on WhatsApp or send an email enquiry.

*Terms and conditions apply.

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