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Unlock the Power of Period 9 to Improve Your Residential Feng Shui for Better Luck & Health – Tips from Master Yang Feng Shui

02 Nov 2023

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In Feng Shui term, ‘Period 9’ (known as九运) is a 20-year cycle that officially begins on February 4, 2024. We are in the last quarter of 2023 but “we are essentially entering Period 9,” according to Master YangLi, founder of Master Yang Feng Shui, “there is no better time than now to improve your residential fengshui so as to boost your personal luck and health.”

In this article, we share three key areas and tips by Master YangLi, who has over 30 years of Feng Shui consultation experience, to improve your residential Feng Shui in Period 9. 

1. Create a living room to promote financial prosperity

The living room is of significant importance in Feng Shui as it is the central gathering space of your home. When designed well, it is believed that the energy of the living room can influence positive energy that is conducive to homeowner’s financial prosperity, as well as health and relationships.

In Period 9 Feng Shui, the Fire element plays a dominant role. As lighting is a representation of fire, a bright and well-ventilated living room evokes vitality and promotes the flow of Chi (energy).  Here are some tips by Master YangLi for you to consider when designing or arranging your living room:

  • Avoid cluttering the living room as it blocks the flow of positive energy.
  • It is vital for the living room to be larger than the bedroom. Should a bedroom be bigger than the living room, it may cause unstable luck in the household.
  • The living room space must be amplified, do not downsize the area to build another room as it will affect a couple’s relationship.
  • Chairs placement in the living room is better in pairs.
  • Avoid beams in the ceiling – exposed ceiling beams may give you that depth and texture for aesthetics, but in Feng Shui terms, ceiling beam poses the most lethal energy, all the more threatening in Period 9.

 2. Locate your Wealth Spot to Enhance Your Financial & Overall Well-Being

To be prosperous, first and foremost, you will need to locate the wealth spot in your residence (usually Northwest or Southwest facing). Depending on your type of residence, the wealth spot of landed properties is assessed on the ground level whereas determining the wealth spot of single-storey HDB flats will take the entire flat into consideration. In Feng Shui, the wealth spot does not just affect your fortune, it can affect your health when the flow of energy in the environment is impaired.

After identifying your wealth spot, follow these recommendations by Master YangLi to boost your fortune:

  • The wealth spot must be well-lit. Add a light if needed. A poorly lit wealth spot hinders your fortune.
  • Keep sharp and thorny objects, such as scissors and cactus, away from the wealth spot.
  • Keep the wealth spot clean.
  • Maintain positive, vibrant energy in the wealth spot by placing large, live plants that are firmly grown in soil (according to Master YangLi, water-grown plants symbolize unstable foundation)
  • If you’re able to sit or sleep in the surrounding area, spend more time there to reap the good fortune.

It will be ideal if your wealth spot is backed by a wall as this as this symbolizes solid support and the ability to retain wealth. Master Yang stresses that a wealth spot must not have missing corners, otherwise it is equivalent to having no wealth spot and you will have challenges in gathering or retaining your wealth. Should you find your home Feng Shui in such less-than-ideal scenarios, consult Master Yang for advice on Feng Shui remedies.

 3. Eliminate Water Elements in the South to Safeguard your Health

In Period 9 Feng Shui, the south sector of your home is associated with the fire element. Since fire and water are opposing element, having water elements in the south sector will cause a clash of energy and weakening of the fire element that may lead to health problems for the homeowners.

Hence, Master YangLi recommends avoiding the following:

  • Avoid placement of water elements such as washing machine and aquarium
  • Avoid painting colour blue if the room is situated in the South
  • Avoid construction or view of swimming pool
  • Avoid unstable and wavey components or designs

The best area to have water elements is in the Southeast. If your bathroom is situated in Southeast, you are sure to be prosperous!

About Master YangLi

Master YangLi founded Master Yang Feng Shui and is the 41st generation successor of Yang Gong, a Chinese geomancer widely respected as the founder of Feng Shui. Master YangLi entered the Yang Family at the age of 13 and began his apprenticeship; he further honed his knowledge and skills the Beijing Academy of Yi Jing (北京易经学院). Master YangLi takes his mentor’s teachings to heart: “Providing Feng Shui consultation is akin to doctor treating a patient. However, if a doctor misdiagnoses a patient, it will only harm one person; if a Feng Shui master makes a mistake, it will harm three generations. When providing feng shui consultation, one must not be blind or motivated by profit. One must be a good person and do one’s best to be a feng shui master with integrity to promote Yang’s Feng Shui.”

Hence, Master YangLi strongly believes in using Feng Shui to help improve lives; he is committed to making his Feng Shui consultation services and packages affordable, so that more people can benefit from his knowledge. To book a consultation, Whatsapp to +65 9825 6867 or fill up the contact form on

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