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Latest Trends in Digital Locks

19 Oct 2022

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Not all digital locks are made equal. Before making your purchase, it is best to first understand the different types of locking mechanisms so that you can install a digital lock that is suitable for your home and security needs.

In this article, we will briefly share about the three types of locking mechanisms — Mortise, Deadbolt and Rim — and highlight the latest trends in digital locks.


Mortise Locks

Mortise lock requires a pocket—the mortise—to be cut into the edge of the door where the lock is to be fitted; it has a latch as well as a bolt to secure the door into the door frame. Due to the several notches and levers that make up the mechanism, it provides dependable security and is commonly seen in Singapore’s HDB BTOs, condominiums and landed properties. There are two types of mortise locks: push-pull and lever handle.


Lever handle digital lock – attached                               Push-pull digital lock is highly favoured
with traditional lever handle                                            for its sleek design           


Deadbolt Locks

Deadbolt lock comes in a solid cylindrical piece made of either steel, bronze or brass. It offers a good level of security because deadbolt lock needs to be engaged when the door is shut; it has a unique locking device built into the bolt, that can’t be forced back into the door, thus preventing unwanted entry.


It is usually paired with a latch or knob as                   Digital deadbolt lock
the lock itself does not have a handle


Rim Locks

Rim lock is surface-mounted to the inside of a door and uses a latch that slides into the keeper on the door rim or frame to secure the door. Rim locks are easy to fit and generally cheaper than mortise and deadbolt locks for homeowners who are looking for convenience and value for money. However, for a higher level of security, rim locks are better used in addition to mortise and deadbolt locks



Facial Recognition Lock

Kaadas x Lamborghini (The Legend) Face Recognition Digital Lock (SGD 1489 sale price) is the first in the world to incorporate the design of Lamborghini onto a digital lock. Equipped with Facial Recognition technology, it uses a three-dimensional (3D) structured light that covers the entire face through tens of thousands of recognition points with millimeter-level accuracy. It captures 3D dynamic information of the face by extracting facial features and bone structure to build a 3D face model – now, you won’t even need to touch the lock itself to unlock it.


Video Lock

Philips EasyKey DDL702 VL Digital Door Lock (SGD 1249 sale price) with its remote video monitoring enables smart video door lock and two-way audio talk.


Smart Locks

igloohome Push-Pull Mortise Digital Lock (SGD 769) features unique algoPIN™ technology – unlike conventional smart or digital locks, there’s no need to be near the lock to set up PIN codes for your guests. As igloohome’s products work offline, the locks are more reliable against WiFi hacking and instability. No need to worry about needing an internet connection for the lock to work.

Solity GP-2000BK Digital Door Lock (SGD 799 sale price) is suitable for most door types in Singapore and is meant to replace your current handle lever or handle bar. Equipped with smart app, you can unlock it with your smartphone via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi (iOS, Android) – there’s a total of 6 different authentication methods to unlock!

Philips EasyKey 9300 Digital Door Lock (SGD 1180 sale price) allows you to double your security with dual verification unlock. Enjoy greater security assured by IoT, as you can check unlocking records and distribute a one-time PIN code at any time via the gateway. The smart door viewer will also record photos or videos, and when it is connected with the door lock you can upload them to the App under the abnormal alert.

Solity GD-60BK Digital Gate Lock (SGD 699) can be used alongside Solity GM-6000BK Digital Door Lock (SGD 799 sale price) to realize dual unlocking – upon unlocking the gate (remotely, even), the wooden door which is synchronized, will unlock as well.


If you are looking at digital locks with greater affordability, you can also check out Hafele GL5600 (Gate Lock) (SGD 589) and Hafele EL7800 Digital Lock (SGD 599 sale price).


For expert advice on finding a suitable digital lock for your home, visit An Digital Lock, or call them at +65-6966-6788. An Digital Lock carries a wide range of locks from brands such as Solity, Kaadas, Philips, Hafele, Igloohome, Schlage, Loghome, EVVA, Kaiser+, Gateman, Samsung, Asus and Dormakaba. Showrooms are available at Boon Lay, Paya Lebar and Sembawang.

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