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Elevate Your Sleep Experience: Exploring the Innovative Features of Zinus Mattresses

27 Oct 2023

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Sleep is the foundation of a healthy mind and body, and is essential for optimal performance and well-being. Besides sticking to a regular sleep schedule and creating a relaxing bedtime routine, other common tips to achieve good sleep are to make sure your bedroom is dark, quiet and cool, and best to avoid caffeine, alcohol and exercising before bedtime. If you’ve checked all the boxes to the above recommended tips, but still not sleeping well, perhaps it’s time to evaluate whether your most important sleep tool – the mattress – is right for your individual need.

Mattress is an understated, essential piece of furniture that can essentially help you improve sleep quality by reducing pressure points, aligning the spine and providing a comfortable temperature. If you’re ready to sleep better, try Zinus mattresses. Zinus is an American brand that specializes in manufacturing mattresses with more than 260 patents and innovations under their belt.

Find out how Zinus innovative mattresses can benefit you:

1. Zinus makes their own foam so you get mattresses that are non-toxic and sustainably made

Most memory foams are made with petrol-based chemical oils, but Zinus makes their own foam in state-of-the-art factories using only Natural Seed Oil. You can sleep with a peace of mind knowing that your Zinus mattress is made with natural ingredients like green tea, olive oil and charcoal, to eliminate harmful phthalates, chemical flame retardants and formaldehyde. Depending on your individual needs, you can choose from either Green Tea Memory Foam, Copper Memory Foam, or Cool Gel Memory Foam.


  • Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress
    Embedded with green tea extract, Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress ensures you a refreshing sleep by removing any sweaty odour and keeping the mattress smelling and feeling fresh with the antioxidant and naturally antimicrobial properties of green tea.
  • Copper Memory Foam Mattress
    Infused with microparticles of natural copper, Zinus Copper Memory Foam is highly conductive, which means it draws heat away from the body, helping to keep you comfortable throughout the night.
  • Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress
    If you’re simply looking for a mattress to help you stay cool at night, Zinus Cool Gel Memory Foam is infused with ultra cooling-gel to regulate body temperature so you can stay comfortably asleep.

2. Zinus invented iCoil so you get mattresses that are more durable and supportive

There are many different types of pocket springs used in mattresses, but they are hidden under the foam layers, so it can be difficult to know how well they will support you. Zinus’ patented pocketed spring, iCoil, is a taller and thicker pocket spring than what is typically used by other companies.

3. Zinus is CERTIPUR-US certified to meet the highest standard for safety and environmental performance

Zinus’ foam is tested and meets strict standards for durability, performance, emissions and environmental stewardship.

4. Zinus mattresses are delivered vacuum packaged in a box so that you can easily move it to any room in your home and set it up whenever you’re ready

Zinus uses special patented machines in its factory to make foam and springs that can expand quickly after you unbox your mattress.

Get a 100-Day Free Trial to experience Zinus mattress in the comfort of your own home today. Terms and conditions apply.

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