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5 Reasons Why Sterra S™ Tankless Purifier Is An Essential For Every Modern Home

02 Aug 2022

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One of the most useful smart home gadgets you can invest for your home today is a water purifier – and we will tell you why the Sterra S™ Tankless Purifier can play an essential role in the daily life of every modern homeowner.

sterra purifier

1. Convenience

We are living in the age of convenience; devices that promise convenience, to simplify and help make life easier quickly finds its way to a modern home. Therefore, it is so easy to love a Sterra S™ Tankless Purifier – you can have your desired cup of cold, room temperature, warm, or hot water in 4, 25, 40, 87°C instantly. Imagine these scenarios:

  • There’s no need to reach out for ice cubes to enjoy a glass of chilled water in the hot afternoon;
  • There’s no need to wait for the water to boil to make your perfect cup of coffee in the morning;
  • There’s no need to wait for boiled water to cool to make formula milk for a fussy baby

The Sterra S™ Tankless Purifier not only saves you time, it satisfies your thirst for that perfect temperature water at just a simple press of the button.

2. Aesthetics

Modern homeowners who are particular with aesthetics will be drawn to the clean lines and curves of the Sterra S™ Tankless Purifier. With it being tankless (meaning no bulky water storage) and its compact size, 18.2 cm (width) x 50.9 cm (depth) x 40.3 cm (height), this is a minimalistic water purifier that does not take up much space on your kitchen counter, perfect for Singapore’s small condos and HDB flats.

Available in two timeless colours – Chromium Grey and Platinum White.

sterra purifier

3. 4 Stage Filtration System

Equipped with Pre Carbon Block Filter, the Sterra S™ Tankless Purifier filters out suspended solid such as dust, rust and sand, as well as absorbs and removes various organic compounds such as residual chlorine and disinfectant. Furthermore, it’s UF and Post Carbon Block Filter helps filter out harmful contaminants and pathogenic bacteria; the remaining gas and carbon are absorbed once more to remove odors and provide a fresher water taste.

sterra purifier

By the way, the Sterra S™ Tankless Purifier is also outfitted with UV-C LED at nozzle to sterilise and keep the water it dispenses clean and healthy all the time.

sterra purifier

4. Over 2,400 Verified 5-Star Reviews

Head over to Sterra’s website and read the reviews from actual customers.

Here are some of their recent reviews:

sterra purifier 25 July 2022

“I must say this one is one of the best purchase for our new house!”

-Sharifah S.

sterra purifier 14 July 2022

“Loving my new Sterra machine! It’s been a month+ and it is very convenient for our while family, it saves up most space so that you don’t have to get all sorts of appliances/bottles to store different temperature of water. It’s so convenient that you will drink more water now.”

-Teo B.

sterra purifier 11 July 2022

“The BEST decision ever to invest in a water dispenser! 1. No need to boil water 2. No need put water flask in fridge 3. No need to fill up water at room temperature to drink. All done made simple by pressing a few buttons. Able to enjoy a cup of coffee or cold water in seconds. Plus points are the dispenser has UV light technology to sanitise the spout and the design looking sleek overall. Many thumbs up. Less appliances, less hassle.”

-Su-Lin A.

sterra purifier 7 July 2022

“Glad that we’ve changed our water dispenser to Sterra’s tankless water purifier! Able to get cold, room, warm and hot water ON DEMAND, plus it looks so sleek and easy to maintain. & the BEST thing is? U can press the preset volume eg. for my bottle: 550ml, it will auto dispense the water for you while u can walk away and attend to someone else first and grab the bottle when it’s done. How amazing is that?”

-Tey Y.

5. Value-for-Money

If affordability is your concern, you will be happy to know that the Sterra S™ Tankless Water Purifier is one of the most competitively priced water purifiers in the market. Currently retailing at only $1,699 SGD, payment can be made by four monthly instalments. You will also enjoy:

  • Free delivery and installation
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • 3 Years Warranty for Touch Screen and Water Leaks
  • Receive $350 worth of filters (2 years filter set) for free
  • Redeem a complimentary lifetime warranty extension for touch panel and water leakage when you post and share a photo review of Sterra water purifier on social media!
PROMOTION: Quote “SterraHRG” to enjoy special discount when you WhatsApp/Call 93378713 to enquire. Terms and conditions apply. Special discount is valid for the month of September 2022.

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