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Dream Home: A Pink and Fluffy Life!

15 Mar 2017

Dream Homes

In this day and age of neutral colours and minimalist spaces, it’s seldom that you find a colour statement as bold as Yue Ling’s very pink bedroom and kitchen. (Kudos to her very understanding husband Andy for allowing such a profusion of pink!) Find out more about the design and renovation journey that made Yue Ling’s admittedly ‘impossible’ wish-list possible!


Project Snapshot

Name(s) of Homeowner(s): Andy and Yue Ling Chun

House Type: 5-room resale HDB flat

Size of Home: 1399 sq ft

Duration of Renovation: 3 months

Cost of Renovation: $80,000

Interior Design Firm: Design 4 Space

Name(s) of Designer(s): Vincent Chuah



Yue Ling and her beloved furbies, Baby and Cury, in the pink-accented master bedroom



As you can see, there’s not a trace of pink in the living area – by order, Andy



Yue Ling’s favourite room – the very pink master bedroom
HomeRenoGuru: How and why did you choose your ID firm and designer?

Yue Ling: I knew Vincent as an ex-colleague previously. Before we started the home renovation we actually went around scouting for interior designers, but because of Vincent’s professionalism and also his patience, we actually decided to engage Vincent from Design 4 Space to be our one and only home interior designer.


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At Yue Ling’s request, the vanity was located outside of the master toilet

HomeRenoGuru: Which parts of your home do you love the most?

Yue Ling: I really, really love our master bedroom and also the master toilet. Vincent actually helped us to make the impossible to become possible by hacking the walls, extending our room, and fulfilling my request to have the vanity outside the master toilet, as well as a huge wardrobe with a platform bed.

I should actually thank my very understanding husband, Andy. He allowed me to have my pinky bedroom and kitchen. His only condition was – no pink in the living areas!



The neon pink kitchen

The furbies’ cosy home, complete with rainbow wall tiles and Hello Kitty lamp

My next favourite area is actually my pinky kitchen. I also spent a lot of effort discussing with Vincent how should we go about providing a cosy space for my two furbies. I specially chose rainbow wall tiles to fill up their entire house and also to enhance their house with a Hello Kitty light on top.


Andy’s man cave, the balcony, is graced by eye-catching monochromatic textured wallpaper

My husband’s favourite corner is actually the balcony. After a long day at work, he will actually look forward to come back home to sit at the balcony to have a drink.

HomeRenoGuru: Would you recommend Design 4 Space and Vincent Chuah to other homeowners?

Yue Ling: For all new homeowners who are looking for interior designers, I highly recommend you Vincent Chua from Design 4 Space.

Vincent, you are the best!

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