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Dream Home: A Little Bit Industrial, A Little Bit Modern - Mike & Jean's Renovation Journey

14 Oct 2016

Dream Homes

Name(s) of Homeowner(s): Mike and Jean Tan
House Type: 3-bedroom Resale Condo
Size of Home: 1,249 sqft
Duration of Renovation: 6 weeks
Cost of Renovation: $40,000
Interior Design Firm: Renozone Interior Design House
Name(s) of Designer(s): Colin


Jean, Mike and 4-year-old Odelia (not pictured) are the happy residents of a ‘happy hybrid’ home


Exposed brickwork is a nod to the original vision of an industrial theme, which was adjusted to sync with the concealed piping and wiring and marble flooring


HomeRenoGuru: How did your vision change in the course of your renovation?
Mike: Initially, we had a clear idea of what we wanted in mind – an industrial-themed design. But slowly, as we started discussing and talking to Colin, the idea evolved from a purely industrial theme into more of a modern kind of design. Colin pointed out that an industrial theme involves a lot of exposed pipes and wiring, whereas in our house the pipes and wires are concealed. The irony is that others want them concealed, and we wanted them exposed. So he suggested – just go with the flow.
Jean: So we worked with what we had.


Jean loves her bedroom, which features a new abstract padded headboard, track lighting and a platform in a wooden laminate

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HomeRenoGuru: What do you love most about your renovated home?
Jean: I love the master bedroom. At the end of the day when you just want to rest, it’s really a very special sanctuary. There was an existing platform, which used to be white laminate, but we overlaid with wooden laminate.
Mike: I love the bathroom, which is inspired by hotels. It has built in cabinetry and very nice cove lighting. The ambience is really fantastic!


The glass panel in the kitchen allows Jean to keep an eye on her daughter as she cooks, while containing cooking odours

Jean: I also really appreciate the glass panel in the kitchen, so I can watch my daughter play while I cook.


Mike loves the hotel-like bathroom with its ambient cove lighting

HomeRenoGuru: Overall, are you satisfied with your renovation?
Mike: We are very happy with our place, and I would like to thank Colin and his team at Renozone for their hard work and professionalism.

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