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Dream Home: A Home for Making Memories - Roy & Ngoc's Renovation Journey

08 Nov 2016

Dream Homes

Name(s) of Homeowner(s): Roy and Ngoc Chan
House Type: 4-room BTO Flat
Size of Home: 93 sq m
Duration of Renovation: 4 weeks
Cost of Renovation: Approx. $38,000
Interior Design Firm: MJS Interior Pte Ltd
Name(s) of Designer(s): Andrew Tan


Roy & Ngoc - MJS Interior - CCK -

Splashes of colour add cheer to the predominantly black, grey and white living area


HomeRenoGuru: Why did you choose MJS interior?

Roy: I chose MJS Interior because I personally had seen some of their projects, and I had seen a lot of positive feedback and wonderful pictures on Facebook.


HomeRenoGuru: How would you describe the service provided by your designer?

Roy: Andrew Tan from MJS was fantastic. I could reach him literally any time of the day, even right up until probably 1 or 2am. It was a very swift and efficient project, because it took only about four to five weeks to complete this whole unit. I was very impressed with the timeline given.


Roy & Ngoc - MJS Interior - CCK -

Roy and Ngoc love their black and grey striped feature wall


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Roy & Ngoc - MJS Interior - CCK -

The sleek, clean, fuss-free kitchen matches Roy’s modern minimalist vision


HomeRenoGuru: Were you satisfied with the end result of your renovation?

Roy: I’m very satisfied with all the suggestions that Andrew has given. He proposed the feature wall, which is grey and white and matches well with the dining area. Basically I’m very happy. Every aspect of the design matches my modern minimalist vision.

Roy & Ngoc - MJS Interior - CCK -

Floor space is maximised by aligning the furniture with the walls


HomeRenoGuru: What do you appreciate most about your renovated home?
Roy: As my wife is expecting Number Three, I’m glad we have many spaces in this home for the children to run around in. We look forward to making many happy memories in the many years to come.

HomeRenoGuru: Do you have any general advice for homeowners contemplating renovations?
Roy: Comparing quotes – that’s the minimum that we can do. But most importantly, you need to like your ID, because for the next two months you’re practically going to see him almost every day.

HomeRenoGuru: Would you recommend your ID firm and designer to other homeowners?
Roy: I would have no hesitation in recommending my design company MJS Interior and my ID Andrew Tan. I have recommended them to some of my neighbours in this area. Thank you, MJS Interior. This is a home for making memories!


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