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Dream Home: Getting Scandinavian Right - Ben Ning's Renovation Journey

07 Oct 2016

Dream Homes


Name(s) of Homeowner(s): Ben Ning
House Type: HDB 4-Room
Cost of Renovation: $30K – $40K
Interior Design Firm: Design 4 Space Pte Ltd
Name(s) of Designer(s): Marcus Yeo; Adrian Tay


Would you recommend this Interior Designer? Why?

My friend, Marcus Yeo, drew all the 2D designs of my ideal home. I chose Adrian from Design 4 Space to execute the project based on another friend’s recommendation. During the renovation process, Adrian suggested some changes for improvement. Most interior decorations/soft furniture are my selection (such as carpets, feature wall panels, kitchen chalkboard drawings, etc). I would recommend Adrian from Design 4 Space for three main reasons:

  1. The workmanship is pretty good, especially for the carpentry work.
  2. Value for money, Adrian put himself in the owner’s shoes and helped to save some costs.
  3. Responsive and knowledgeable. Adrian responds to owner’s request and inquiries really fast. He also knows what materials to be used and the right procedures to follow.
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What advice would you give to future homeowners?

Homeowners have to work together with their project manager to work out the renovation details. It is your home and it should be unique in a way that it carries your character. Don’t expect miracles to happen if you do not put your heart in. Meanwhile, a good ID/project manager will help you conceptualize it and bring it to life.


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