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Dream Home: Simplicity and Comfort

19 Dec 2017

Dream Homes

Pui Fun knows that when you’re on a good thing, hang onto it. That’s exactly what she did when she went straight back to the interior design firm that had renovated her previous flat, PJ Designworks. She ended up with exactly what she wanted – a simple, comfortable and cosy home. She shares her story here.

Project Snapshot

Name(s) of Homeowner(s): Pui Fun Siew
House Type: 4-room Resale HDB Flat
Size of Home: 92 sq m
Cost of Renovation: $60,000
Duration of Renovation: 2 months
Interior Design Firm: PJ Designworks
Name(s) of Designer(s): Michelle and Peng

Pui Fun’s simple, elegant and comfortable living area

Pui Fun, flanked by designer Michelle and owner Peng of PJ Designworks

HomeRenoGuru: Why did you engage PJ Designworks for the renovation of your home?

Pui Fun: Peng, the owner of PJ Designworks, was introduced to me five years ago by my ex-colleague when I wanted to do some simple renovation for my resale flat. He was very detailed, very practical, and so I was very happy with his services. I went straight back to him without hesitation.

An absence of clutter and light colours enhance the feeling of spaciousness in the living area

HomeRenoGuru: What was your brief?

Pui Fun: For my current renovation, I wanted something that is simple, comfortable and cosy. But unfortunately I am not very good in terms of colour coordinations and textures, so I relied heavily on my designer Michelle in terms of selecting the tiles and the cabinets’ colours. Michelle insisted that simple doesn’t need to be boring. She introduced some interesting textures, such as the tiles at the side of the kitchen counter.

The dining nook is showcased by a pendant lamp and a fabulous red feature wall

The spacious kitchen is enlivened by a chilli red splashback

For my current renovation, my main concern was to ensure that I have ample storage space. So I shared my concern with Peng and with Michelle, and they came up with the idea of an integrated shoe cabinet, bookshelves and DVD storage area.

Pui Fun loves the neatness and practicality of her flushed shoe cabinet, display and storage cabinet and concealed bookshelves

I also wanted more sunlight in the dining area. Peng came up with the idea of hacking the kitchen walls, and instead built a kitchen countertop.

HomeRenoGuru: Apart from storage space and abundant natural light, what else do you really appreciate about your renovated home?

Pui Fun: We share the kitchen duties amongst myself, my mother and my sister. We all love the practicalities and the functionalities of the kitchen – for example, the deep drawers with soft-closing runners.

HomeRenoGuru: Did you encounter any unforeseen challenges during your renovation?

The master bedroom is brightened up by an aqua blue feature wall

A shelving unit at the entrance to the master bedroom neatly houses Pui Fu’s collection of piggy figurines

Pui Fun: There was a little hiccup in the master bathroom. I felt that the toilet bowl was a bit too close to the shower cubicle. I shared my concern with Peng, and of course for every problem, there is always a solution. He came up with the fantastic idea of a double swing door for the shower cubicle, and so I’m very happy with the layout now.

The master bathroom features ample storage under the vanity and double swing doors on the shower cubicle

HomeRenoGuru: Do you have any general advice to share with homeowners contemplating a home renovation?

Pui Fun: My advice to homeowners is, if they find a good interior design firm, hang onto them. Also, talk to your designer – communication is very important.

Pui Fun’s mother’s room, bright and cheerful with a rose pink feature wall

Pui Fun’s sister’s room, warm and cosy with a lavender feature wall

HomeRenoGuru: Would you confidently recommend PJ Designworks and your designer Michelle?

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Pui Fun: I strongly recommend PJ Designworks and my designer Michelle. I’m very happy in my simple and confortable home. Thak you, Peng. Thank you, Michelle.

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