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Dream Home: Luxury Resort Living

30 Mar 2017

Dream Homes

You feel like you’re stepping into an upscale Balinese resort when you enter the lovely mansionette of Aarvin and Gurpreet, a banker and a sourcing specialist, and their adorable baby girl Ashleen. This generous couple praised their duet of young designers, Candice and Cherish of Sky Creation, to the sky…

Project Snapshot

Name(s) of Homeowner(s): Aarvin and Gurpreet

House Type: 5-room Executive Mansionette

Size of Home: 1,571 sq ft

Duration of Renovation: 4 months

Cost of Renovation: $130,000

Interior Design Firm: Sky Creation Asia Pte Ltd

Name(s) of Designer(s): Cherish and Candice


Aarvin, Gurpreet and baby Ashleen

HomeRenoGuru: How and why did you choose Sky Creation, and in particular Candice and Cherish, to renovate your home?

Aarvin: When we purchased our house and started looking for an ID to do it up for us, we went online, on Facebook and on websites. In the course of reading through recommendations and viewing various designers’ project showcases, I chanced upon Sky Creation. Cherish and Candice were these two ladies who showed us around, and we liked what we saw. It was really impressive, the materials that they used were very good and the two girls were very confident, so we were more than happy to engage them to do up our house for us.


The dining area, backed by a water feature


The living area, complete with an outsized modular sofa

HomeRenoGuru: Did you have a clear vision in mind when you briefed your designers?

Aarvin: When we briefed Candice and Cherish, we already had a clear idea of what we wanted. We wanted to play around with the colours gold and white, right. We had a lot of space in this house, but what we wanted was to flaunt that space.

HomeRenoGuru: How did you find the renovation process?

Aarvin: I actually found the renovation process seamless, and I think that’s quite remarkable. I’ve done a couple of renovations before, for my parents, for my inlaws, and I’m not seen anything like that. I think Cherish and Candice were very responsive, they were always contactable, and they actually helped out a lot. They got involved in my ideas and told me what could be done, or what should not be done, and how we could improve our ideas.

The materials that they used to build our house were very good, and the workmanship was commendable. Their service was impeccable. There was never once they were not contactable, and any issues that we had – they actioned them almost immediately.


A sheer wall of water creates a stunning backdrop and a soothing soundtrack

HomeRenoGuru: What do you love most about your home?

Gurpreet: Well, if I had to be specific about what I like about the house, firstly I would say it’s the dining area because of the water feature that we have. It gives a very nice, relaxing, calming feeling.


The staircase is topped with a stunning piece of artwork and recessed, spotlit niches

Secondly would be the stairway up to the rooms, because of the beautiful picture that we have put up as well as some spotlit showpieces.

And of course the master bedroom – I really like that we managed to put in a walk-in wardrobe, which was one of my criteria when we moved into the house.


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The master bedroom is light, bright, white – and completed by an expansive walk-in wardrobe and dressing room

And lastly would be the bathrooms. I like the way that the bathrooms have been designed, and the fixtures and fittings that have been put into them, just to enhance and complement the look.


Resort-style bathrooms sport wall art and cove lighting

Aarvin: I think all in all, you know, coming back from work into a home that feels like a resort, I think makes things just… it’s a home, I feel at home… I just want to come back home!


The luxury of space is apparent from the second level, looking down

HomeRenoGuru: Do you have any advice for homeowners about to embark on a home renovation?

Aarvin: If I were to give some advice to someone who is looking to do a renovation, I think they should look for someone like Candice and Cherish. For example, an ID who wouldn’t say no, an ID who would take on the challenge to
make things happen. However difficult it may be, it’s that drive to make it happen, the drive to make that design work – I think that is what everyone should look for.

HomeRenoGuru: Would you recommend Candice and Cherish, and Sky Creation, to other homeowners?

Gurpreet: We would highly recommend Sky Creation to any homeowners who would like to design or renovate their homes… And we really look forward to growing our family in this home.

Aarvin: Thank you, Sky Creation.

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