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The Ultimate Style Guide To Modern Design

16 Jul 2018

Design Trends

When we think “modern”, we think new, fresh, and in the moment – but in fact, as with many other design themes, modernity originated from a specific time frame in the past (the early 20th century, in fact). What we associate with new and evolving, in contrast, is known as contemporary interior design. Modernity is defined by its own style, which features bold colour patterns, angular shapes, and glossy metals. Looking for something unique but simple? Try going modern with your home decor. Read on to feast your eyes on several gorgeous designs that keep the modern aesthetic alive and well.

Recall Your Geometry

Sengkang by Atelier Interior Place Pte Ltd

A key hallmark of the modern design movement is an emphasis on clean, sharp lines and geometric shapes. In some ways, these features were adopted to challenge previous styles that featured ornate, heavy textures and carvings. In this simple bedroom by Atelier Interior Place, perfect squares, circles, and defined edges help to give the space a crisp and eye-popping aesthetic.

Pops of Colour

HDB – Ang Mo Kio by New Interior Design

HDB – Ang Mo Kio by New Interior Design

In this design by New Interior Design, a bold red accent recurs throughout, establishing both a sense of consistency and personality to the space. Relatively avant-garde pieces (reminiscent of art deco) also make an appearance, including the bedroom’s striking mattress cover and the angular, asymmetrical television board in the living room. Joseph from New Interior Design says that “the TV board wall is layered with quartz laminate, so that when viewed from a different angle, there’s a glittering effect”. The modern design is perfect for making a daring statement without coming across as too over-the-top.

Choose Your Materials Wisely

HDB – Punggol by Darwin Interior Pte Ltd

Polished metals, plastic, and glass furnishings take center stage in the modern aesthetic. Moving away from the more lived in, natural wooden look, the Modern design capitalizes on the brilliant shine of clean, manufactured materials. For this HDB in Punggol, metalwork and plastic in its furniture help to create a refined, futuristic aura. The mirrors on the walls, additionally, open up the space to make it seem more immense. Cindy from Darwin Interior recommends a similarly “cooler or slightly muted colour theme and simple but distinctive lines” for homeowners looking to modernise their space.

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The Rustic Modern

HDB 3 Room – 308B Punggol Walk by Areana Creation Pte Ltd

While modernity may be a defined style emerging in the 1920s-1940s, its rules have become fairly flexible over time to include a wider range of techniques. One of the most popular recent trends is “rustic modern” – the use of pastoral furnishings and materials in a modern layout. This HDB design is a notable example of this eclectic technique. Rustic elements are found in the brown colour palette and prominent use of wood, but the pivotal components of modernity are still present – striking shapes, an open layout, and splashes of primary red. According to Areana Creation, “the secret to a modern and rustic living space is avant-garde furniture, uncluttered floor plan as well as preserved and bare architectural components”.

Keep It User-Friendly

HDB 4 Room – 428 Yishun Ave 11 by Absolook Interior Design Pte Ltd

The modern home is not only sleek, but also practical. Inspired by minimalist design, truly modern spaces make economical use of furniture and equipment to ease the lives of its homeowners. This unique kitchen design by Absolook Interior Design truly captures the Modern spirit – a bold colour pattern, metal and plastic furnishing, and square tiles, among other things. The countertops are uncluttered and provide ample space for efficient use and clean living, topped off with an elegant red glow.

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