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5 Smart Appliances You Will Want in Your Home Right Now

19 Jun 2016

Design Trends

After a long day at work, we just want to wind down when we step into our homes to relax and recharge ourselves. Smart furniture and appliances make our lives easier and more convenient with technology. These new and innovative products give homeowners a new level of comfort and control in their own home — saving effort and time.

Here are some cool devices that we found interesting:

Wash your clothes automatically and tell you when it’s done

iBasket by Electrolux, designed by Guopeng Liang

Whether you have a washing machine or go to the laundromat, doing laundry is a chore; especially for busy people. To make it less daunting, designer Guopeng Liang designed iBasket that functions as a laundry basket AND a washing machine.

It automatically cleans your clothes when the basket detects the load is full, and sends you a message on your computer or smartphone once the cleaning is done!

Smartbed that helps you sleep better with analytics

it™ Bed — the bed that is designed to understand you to help you sleep better.

Similar to activity trackers, the smart bed has biometric sensors that determine your sleep quality by monitoring your heart rate, breathing rate and movement. It sends daily reports to your smartphone.

Here’s what we find even more amazing… By syncing with other apps, you can customise your activity based on the insights and suggestions to alter to your hectic schedule.

Track your water consumption in the shower

Conserve water and save on utility bills without compromising your hygiene. Something that’s good for the environment and your wallet!

Hydrao shower head changes light while you shower. How cool is that!

Hydrao is a water monitoring shower head that tells you how much water you have used by changing colour. Pair it to your smart device and you can customise the water usage limit for every shower.

To make managing your habits fun, you can organise a “water saving contest” at home with family members and see how much you can save as a household!

Nutritional scale for healthy living

Nutritional scale for healthy living
SITU is a smart food scale with a built-in, offline nutritional information database for thousands of food products, making calorie counting easy. It’s a great tool to help people who are serious about losing weight; it calculates nutritional information so you can know what is going into your body.

This will change your mindset about food. We tend to underestimate the calories an extra scoop of mayonnaise in our food has and how it could add up to excess intake over time.

Refresh your clothes without detergent

LG Styler
The LG Styler is a power clothing management system designed to refresh clothes; functions include Odour Removal, Quick Refresh, Moving Hanger Action and Easy Pants Crease Care. It also comes with NFC feature to help customise cycles directly from your smartphone and sends you alerts when something is wrong.

Robot vacuum

This smart vacuum cleaner can create a virtual layout of your home.

Samsung’s POWERbot Turbo Robotic Vacuum is a vacuum cleaner equipped with Smart Control Wi-Fi connectivity that lets you control the movement of the vacuum remotely using your smartphone.

Its powerful “Select & Go” feature creates a virtual map of your home. Simply tap the living room, and the robot vacuum will know how to get there and begin its magic! With its Wi-Fi capabilities, you can easily schedule specific cleaning times or turn the vacuum on/off. Pretty neat, huh?

Given the rapid interest in “smart homes” these days, we can expect to see more companies launching innovative products to stay ahead of the game. Perhaps, pretty soon, living like the Jetsons will become reality!

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