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Lego Art: Innovative Ways To Decorate Your Home

15 Dec 2017

Design Trends

Don’t be fooled by the bright, colourful bricks. They potentially pack a bigger punch than photography and art. According to a 2017 report, Lego is currently the biggest toy brand in the world. Even Singapore’s very own Botanic Gardens was featured using 12,000 Lego pieces as part of a World Heritage Exhibit Built With Lego. So what are some ways that you can include Lego into your home design?

Modular models

Jurong East St 32 by Ace Space Design

You could build virtually anything with Lego bricks, although some much easier than others. Lego bricks have become the sandcastles of the concrete world; sculptures of famous characters and landmarks made of Lego bricks incite much awe and wonder. Sean Kenny is one of many established designers that has created award-winning home decor, among other feats, with Lego bricks. Have your favourite superhero built in life-size for your living space or build up one of Lego’s Architecture sets. Not only will it beautify your home, it will definitely get your guests talking too.

Specially designed display shelves and cabinets help to proudly showcase your Lego pieces in an exquisite manner to capture everyone’s attention. Creative Director of Ace Space Design, Nick Pang, agreed that “nothing beats looking and admiring the things you love dearly”.

He further added: “For display shelves, one key consideration is the owner’s preference and type of things he or she would like to display. This is important to cater for appropriate shelving space that suits the displayed objects.”

Artistic Expression

For the creative minds out there, this is for you. It can be a true joy to assemble a Lego set, but making your own design from scratch gives a completely different euphoria. Grab a bunch of bricks and start channeling your creativity. After you are done, you will have a peace of mind and a new decor for your home. Two birds, one brick.

After completing your Lego masterpiece, complement it with an interior style that helps it stand out.

“Izakaya themes emphasize a lot on using posters that have unique and loud colours, such as gold, orange, red, and black. After having a backdrop of black, the colourful posters will enhance the aesthetics,” explained Zhan Jiyi of 9 Creation.

208B Clementi Ave 6 by 9 Creation

If creating your own artwork is too much of a hassle, don’t fret! My Little Brick Shop specialises in custom Lego designs and has garnered a wide array of collections since its inception. Having made the largest Star Wars mural made out of Lego for the Star Wars Force Awakens premiere at Vivocity Mall, the retailer definitely knows its stuff.

Collector’s Muse

Bedok Reservoir View Blk 765 by CAD Associates ID

“The owner has a number of chinese paintings. Bold or colourful paintings and sculptures work well with an industrial themed design,” explained Anne Chua of CAD Associates ID.

If you are an avid art collector, or just a hoarder, then Lego collectibles might interest you. Die-hard Lego fans may know this already but for the rest of us, be prepared for a real shocker. Lego’s Star Wars Ultimate Collector’s Millennium Falcon has a whooping resale value of USD$5,301, and it is increasing every year. The spacecraft is not just aesthetically pleasing, but also an extremely coveted Lego set. Surges in Lego resale values have been stirring consumer trends. Could Lego be the modern way of owning a commodity? If you are looking to invest in something, you can turn to the nearest Lego store instead of an art gallery or the stock market. Owning a highly demanded, limited edition Lego set could possibly earn you big bucks in the future. In the meantime, display it in your home to make it special.

When dealing with such prized collections, Anne Chua also shared that “the size of the artwork plays a very important part” and homeowners should “put the right size at the right place”.

Built To Last

designmilk on Flickr

Although Lego is primarily built as a plaything, you would be surprised when you realise how sturdy these colourful bricks are. Making furniture out of Lego bricks can seem preposterous, but when pulled off, it is actually much cooler than any other furniture on the market. You can make small tables, storage boxes and even shelves with the everlasting bricks. To be more creative, you could add Lego elements to your existing furniture. The bonus: Lego bricks require minimal maintenance, which allows busy homeowners to save more time for other important tasks.

Lego Photographs

Photographs are fuss-free home decorations. They take up little space, are easy to maintain and have a long shelf life. A good image invokes a wonderful feeling, and there is a certain charm to Lego photographs. The use of yellow minifigures and an orchestrated scene brings to life something extraordinary. The image mirrors real life but remains distinct in flavour. Finnish photographer Vesa Lehtimaki published a photography book containing Lego Star Wars sets and minifigures, and he was not the only one to have done so.

James Pond on Unsplash

Fine Art America retails all types of Lego photographs, from minimalistic images to dynamic ones, each depicting a scene with at least one Lego part. In order to find an image that suits you, find out what appeals to you visually. Whether it is nature, architecture, or abstraction, you can definitely find an image that will leave an impression for a lifetime.

Just like the bricks themselves, there are so many innovative ways that Lego can spruce up your home. Lego’s commercial success has made it very accessible to purchase them, be it from a brick-and-mortar store or online. Know your living space, understand the style you want, and head down to the Lego store to get started on building your own home decorations.

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