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Change Your Life! Colour Your Home

06 Mar 2014

Design Trends

Change Your Life! Colour Your Home

Apart from structural renovations, nothing changes a home as dramatically as a coat of paint. It’s affordable, easily do-able and completely reversible. Why wait? Paint!

Various sources will herald the ‘comeback’ of everything from quiet neutrals to radical reds, and every hue in between. But in truth, no colour ever really goes out of fashion. Though trend reports may talk up and tout the advent of everything from ‘periwinkle’ or ‘chartreuse’, it all comes down to taste. Yours.

Purple. The New Black
Although shunned in the past, purple has reigned supreme over the last few years. Synonymous with grandeur, extravagance and royalty, purple is the perfect partner for sumptuous fabrics, metallic surfaces and ornate touches such as tassels and swags. More subtle than black, less blatantly attention-seeking than red, purple is the pick of strong personalities and bohemian types. It is thought to connect and balance the mind and spirit.

Change Your Life! Colour Your Home 2

Pink, The New Classic
Once reserved for little girls’ rooms, pink projects a warm elegance that is at once cosy and classy. Pink and white is a classic combination, while pink and red – once a big no-no – are modern and punchy. Pink and grey – what can we say? It’s a classic. Pink and green co-exist as harmoniously in a home as they do in nature, and hot pink and orange brim with energy and ethnic exotica.

Green, The New Cool
With the rise of the eco-citizen, green is back on the scene with a vengeance. From muted olive green to screaming neon green, there are more greens than there are blades of grass in a garden. Yellow and lime green is citrusy and mid-century groovy. Grey and apple green is unexpectedly cool. Brown and green is naturally warm and cosy. Compatible green combos are endless.

Inspired? Confused? Excited? Go for it. You can always simply paint over your follies and start all over again. That’s the beauty of paint.

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