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Bathroom Design Trends

24 Sep 2014

Design Trends

Bathroom Design Trends -

Recent trends show two distinct movements in bathroom design.


Traditional Design

The first one goes back to basics, rediscovering traditional, cosy styles. The other has a practical bent, implementing minimalist concepts. If they have one thing in common, it’s a renewed emphasis on sustainable design, coupled with nature imagery.

Blues, greens, and floral designs are in. It’s about renewed reverence for nature, coupled with a desire for soothing colours…perhaps a response to the hectic pace of urban lifestyles. Glass and stainless steel remain common, but wood is returning to the bathroom. Large windows, stone, and anything that connects with nature and the outdoors isin. Houseplants are filling the bathrooms, leafy greens and flowers making for a spa-like atmosphere.


For more traditional designs, antique vanities are getting a lot of love. Carved wooden pieces, with spacious cabinets, are great for a warm look. Light woods are more popular, since most bathrooms are small. For a master bathroom though, a large dark wood vanity can be a focal point. Use nothing short of solid hard wood; the humidity of a bathroom will chew up laminates.

For decoration, flowers and plants are the way to go. A small creeper or bathroom cactus can add accent colours and shape. A whole range of plants, or a small vertical garden, will take more care; but the payoff is worth it.

Dried flowers, sprinkled with essential oils, seem to be replacing aromatherapy holders. They also have the benefit of looking more colourful and organic. Incense burners will be around for a while yet though; dried flowers need constant replenishing, which is still off-putting to a lot of home owners.

Minimalist Design

On the minimalist side of things, new sink shapes are cropping up. Geometric or irregular shaped modern sinks, made of glass or stone, make for a space age look. Expect rising popularity in unusual sink materials too; bright coloured plastics, crystal, or even faux wood.

Sensor faucets for home bathrooms are also getting common; new models allow preset temperatures and pressures, making them a joy to use. They can also be eco-friendly, programmed to regulate flow and avoid water waste.

Also for the minimalist ethos, the range of multifunctional décor is growing. The mirror / showerhead has gotten a lot of attention lately; a polished, flat steel showerhead which doubles as a mirror. Also keep an eye out for heated towel rails, which are replacing old school towel racks.

Strong down lights are becoming less common in bathrooms. Increasingly, we’re seeing accent lights and task lighting with a diffuse glow. Softer methods of lighting, even LED lights, are making inroads.



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