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6 Themes of Hotel-Worthy Bedrooms

24 Sep 2014

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6 Themes of Hotel-Worthy Bedrooms -


1. Carpets

Be it for the entire flooring or just an area rug, these soft furnishings immediately render a soft, fuzzy sensation the moment your feet sink in. This beats walking on cold flooring especially in the morning.

Hotel-Worthy Bedroom: Carpet -

Source: Amazon Interior Design


2. Luxurious bedspreads

Pile your bed with the full works with quality bedding. The kind that is hard for you to get out of bed. This creates an inviting atmosphere and promotes a better night’s rest.

Hotel-Worthy Bedroom: Luxurious BedSpreads-

Source: Linewerkz Pte Ltd


3. Soft lighting

Lighting changes the look and style of your bedroom drastically so opt for one that bathes your sleeping boudoir in serenity. Better yet, get adjustable lighting with dimmers where you can set the light intensity as you please.

Hotel-Worthy Bedroom: Soft Lighting -

Source: Space Atelier Pte Ltd


4. Sweeping curtains

Block out the moonlight and harsh daylight with full-length curtains. For afternoon catnaps, day curtains work exceptionally well in bringing minimal light flow and a dreamy state-like feel into your bedroom.

Hotel-Worthy Bedroom: Sweeping Curtains -

Source: Neu Konceptz Pte Ltd


5. Gorgeous wallpaper

Solid coloured walls just don’t evoke a romanticised appeal like wallpaper. If your room’s design allows for it, go for Victorian-style wallpaper which is sure to accentuate your bedroom’s class factor.

Hotel-Worthy Bedroom: Gorgeous Wallpapers-

Source: MyDesign Pte Ltd


6. Special Effects Paint

Simply dazzling, your walls will sparkle with a grandelustre with the Nippon Paint Momento™ Special Effects Paint. Available in different textures and over 174 paint hues, this Italian-inspired textured paint makes your entire room shine with splendour.

Hotel-Worthy Bedroom: Special Effects Paint -

Source: Thom Signature Pte Ltd



Cover photo courtesy of Chew Interior Design Pte Ltd

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