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5 Themes of Stunning Living Rooms

24 Sep 2014

Design Trends


5-Themes-of-Stunning-Living-Rooms -


Style 1: Modern contemporary

The most common out of the five styles here, this popular contender often gives out a spacious vibe with its neutral colour choices. Get it right with lots of whites and a modern hint of bold colours such as orange, grey or lime green.

Living Room: Modern Contemporary -

Source: One Design Werkz Pte Ltd


Style 2: Minimalist

Looking somewhat similar to the modern contemporary theme, what sets these two apart is the minimalist style is completely awash in a white palette. There are also fewer furnishing pieces and the even the colour choices for it are more subtle.

Living Room: Minimalist -

Source: U-Home Interior Design Pte Ltd


Style 3: Country

Enjoying more popularity in recent years, the country style is reminiscent of a rustic but cosy cottage. Colour choices that best evoke this look are pale pastels or pale-coloured striped wallpaper.

Living Room: Country -

Source: Ciseern by designer furnishings Pte Ltd


Style 4: Victorian

Extravagant beyond words, regal colours such as metallic shades bring out the flavour of this plush style. Complete the picture with ornate furnishings such as chaise lounges and guild mirrors.

Living Room: Victorian -

Source: Vegas Interior Design Pte Ltd


Style 5: Resort

More commonly seen in smaller rooms such as balconies and patios, the idyllic resort style is therapeutic for those who want to unwind after a long day. Clean whites paired with wooden undertones such as wooden furnishings will radiate an aura of calm almost immediately.

Living Room: Resort -

Source: Rezt & Relax Interior



Cover photo courtesy of U-Home Interior Design Pte Ltd

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