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5 Stylish Design Trends of the Dining Room

24 Sep 2014

Design Trends


5-Design-Trends-of-the-Dining-Room -


1. Modern chic

Tried and tested, the modern contemporary theme never fails to emit a visually appealing feel. To achieve the look, fuse neutral shades with modern hues like grey, red and yellow. Strips of tinted mirrors lined on the walls also help evoke a sleek and streamlined streak.

Dining Room: Modern Chic -

Source: Ciseern by designer furnishings Pte Ltd


2. Victorian vogue

The va-va-voom style of this elaborate theme is certainly not for the faint-hearted but if you get it right, it can render a gorgeous dining space fit for royalty. Start off with rich hues like burgundy, violet or metallic hues for the colour scheme. And, opt for custom-built booth seats decked with plush velvet fabric to complete the look.

Dining Room: Victorian Vogue -

Source: Rezt & Relax Interior


3. Resort indulgence

Love the calming feel of a holiday resort? Replicate the serenity by going for wooden flooring and soothing pastel hues for the wall. For the dining set, custom build wooden bench seating complete with a rustic table for that nature-inspired take.

Dining Room: Resort Indulgence -

Source: Vegas Interior Design Pte Ltd


4. Hipster Cafe
This is officially the year of the hipster culture, permeating almost every facet of modern interior design, especially in the area of dining room and kitchen. Bringing character into the dining area by using an eclectic mix of modern chic, retro and nostalgia, copious amount of emphasis is placed on feature walls and interesting furniture. Hanging lamps and vintage decoration is a must to bring out that rustic feel.

Dining Room: Hipster Cafe -

Source: Ideal Design Interior Pte Ltd


5. Ultra Minimalist

Bringing minimalism to the extreme, this type of dining room is reserved for the zen-minded homeowners who see the dining room an extension of their living room space. Furnishing and decorations are kept to a bare minimum whilst the dining table and chairs are muted and less ostentatious.

Dining Room: Ultra Minimalist -

Source: Wideangle D-Zire Pte Ltd



Cover photo courtesy of Darwin Interior

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