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04 Jan 2017

House Type: HDB 4-Room

ID Firm: Dreamvision Designer Pte Ltd

Designer(s): Yvonne Tan

Budget: $50k - $60k

Would you recommend this Interior Designer and why?

Yes. Yvonne is very accommodating and has attention to details. When we started our renovation, my husband and I just had a vague idea of the color theme we wanted, which is blue and tiffany green. Yvonne patiently helped us develop and finalize the design theme with initial mood board of various options to narrow down our preferences and a few rounds of 3D rending for us to visualize the outlook. We have to say the final product was even better than the 3D rending. We love the simple yet refreshing nautica design.

What advice would you give to future homeowners?

- Take your time to finalize the design. Don't save time here. You can do some research/browsing too to show your ID some samples you like. Be happy with the overall design before proceeding. - Get your ID's opinions when buying furnitures and appliances. They could give useful tips for the things to look out for that you may not know(e.g, whether they fit to the theme, make the space look bigger/smaller) - Balance design and practicality. What we look out for are the easiness to clean/ upkeep and to avoid sharp corners etc to be pet and kids proof. - Think twice about window replacement, especially when you have full height window it's HDB housing. We initially wanted to change the window to white frame to fit better to our design theme. But it turned out to be an expensive and tedious process (close to 9K for the whole house, need PE approval which takes up to a month). Also there is risk of leaking after replacement. We eventually did without it.

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Review Score: 9.3

Service: 9

Design: 10

Quality: 9

Value: 9


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