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Ms. Shimin

23 Nov 2018

House Type: HDB 4-Room

ID Firm: Colourbox Interior Pte Ltd

Designer(s): Loy

Budget: $30k - $40k

Would you recommend this Interior Designer and why?

We came to know Loy through a friend after visiting her new house, as we like the interior design and the workmanship of overall carpentry items. We are glad to have Loy as our ID because it is very easy to communicate with her on our preference, needs and expectations. She is meticulous, organised and prompt all the time. She is always patient in explaining the details and answering all sorts of questions. She has tried her best to simplify many specific terms so that we could easily understand before making any decisions. She has also given us many useful and good advice too. We are very thankful to have Loy and we will definitely recommend her service to our friends!" Thank you once again and we are really happy with the outcome. Do take care and all the best in everything you do! 

What advice would you give to future homeowners?

The coordination with the contractors is excellent and therefore, there is no need for us to go down for site visit often during the renovation. Planned works are always as per schedule and we are really satisfied with the outcome.

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Review Score: 9

Service: 9

Design: 9

Quality: 9

Value: 9