Mentai Sushi

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Project Description

A japanese sushi place in the suburb of yishun. The design need to be simple, yet exude the flavour of a japanese eatery. 

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At the TBG interior Design, we aim to provide an Enjoyable Renovation Experience, Quality Products and Personalised Services.
With only the best of quality products used and nothing less than our undivided attention, we want to know What You Want, How You Want It and Where You Want It.
From light refurbishments to full scale renovations, we dedicate ourselves to providing excellent pre and post Interior Renovation Services.
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Our History
Formed in September 2012, on the basis to provide customers with an Interior Renovation experience that is positively different from others. Our pitch to customers since then is the constant provision for an Enjoyable Renovation Experience, Quality Products and Personalised Services. With experience in dealing with residential spaces to commercial/retail, our team of skilled workers and in-house professionals possess the necessary experience and knowledge to ensure quality and excellent service for all clientele.

Alongside our selectively sourced suppliers, we ensure the best quality products to reach our customers. Encouraging regulars and recommendations, as their spaces do the talking for us.

Our Vision
To build up TBG Interior Design as a trusted brand name that is synonymous with excellent products and services, while injecting your Personalised Touch for your Personalised Living.

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