HDB 4 Room Resale - Bishan

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HDB 4 Room
Project Description
Take a glimpse inside this lovely minimalist themed 4-room resale apartment at Bishan. The layout of this house was carefully thought out - every corner of the space is designed according to the homeowners' lifestyle.
Both the young couple and interior designer see the importance in space planning - it took months for them to finalise the layout, to make sure it can accommodate their lifestyle for many years to come.
Often, during the space planning stage, people don't realize that a bedroom in the past can be used for another purpose. For this house, one of the bedrooms has been repurposed into a dining room as they spend more time there. Multiple walls were demolished and built during this renovation and it was indeed fun to see how this place has transformed. Pretty sure the owners have been sleeping well ever since they moved in.
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