Landed House - Clover Rise

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Landed House
Project Description

According to Marilyne Andersen of MIT’s Department of Architecture, it is ingrained in the human psyche to gravitate towards natural light. ? This is a manifestation of our biological need for organic elements, especially in an age where long hours are spent indoors. This is probably the reason behind a general preference for the window seats in public transport, restaurants and even offices. Gazing into a world larger than our own has a therapeutic effect that not only relaxes eye muscles, but also instantly melts all stress away. ? ?

Here, windows have been installed into the ceiling. This widens the doorway for generous floods of sunlight to illuminate the kitchen space. The effect is an open and airy space that emanates peace and tranquility. Given that mood of the cook corresponds closely to the taste of food, this is definitely a huge advantage for the household. With the overhead windows, the home owners can easily detect the intensity of sunlight, cloudiness and other variables in the weather. ? This introduces interesting changes in view, and also brings nature closer to their doorstep. The honey brown glow from the cabinets, enhanced by the effects of embedded yellow lighting, adds an additional layer of warmth to the space. The ivory marble countertop, along with the plush navy chairs, heightens the element of class in the open-concept space. ? An air-conditioner is a strategic choice as well, to offset the accompanying heat of noonday sunlight on hot and humid days.

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