HDB Resale 3 Room - 6 Jalan Batu

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HDB 3 Room
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Newly-wedded couple Isa and Liz found a 48-year-old Jalan Batu flat and immediately fell in love with it. Wanting to put down roots in this three-room nest, they requested for a Scandinavian themed renovation, something that is cosy and functional. Liz had one request: she wanted a big kitchen to where she could revel in baking. Isa, on the other hand, preferred plenty of storage.

To give them what they wanted, we opened the wall in between the living room and the bedroom, paving the way to a bigger open-concept kitchen. We gave it an airier charm by using neutral palettes –wood floors, a quartz table top and white laminate finishing combined with silver appliances and hardware. Beside the kitchen is the dining room, brightened by an industrial chandelier which fits their Scandinavian theme. This space can be smartly converted into a workspace area.

As an answer to Isa's desire for bigger storage, we broke the wall in between the main and the second bedroom. There, we installed a walk-in wardrobe with a full-height mirror to make it look more spacious. For their private bathroom, the couple decided to go with concrete-looking homogenous tiles. By using muted colours and natural wood textures, we achieved a classic palette that is easy on the eyes and effortless to maintain.

Last but not the least, the storage and laundry room, which we incorporated with amber-lit track-lights for a cosy charm. A narrow, multi-purpose shelf holds their things in place. We installed it in such a way that it doesn't take too much space; the couple can conveniently move around and proceed with their tasks without bumping against each other. 

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