HDB 5 Room Executive Apartment - 683A Choa Chu Kang Crescent

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HDB Executive Apartment
Project Description

Modern Retro Kitchen
Turning a dreary kitchen into a colourful space fit for the present-day family

Jean Ng and her husband have acquired a 5-room Executive Flat at CCK Crescent ten years ago. Here, along with their two sons, the Ng family put down their roots and enjoyed the many amenities the neighbourhood offers. While they plan to stay for a longer time, the desire for change is inevitable; especially at the sight of the kitchen which, even after a second renovation, Jean pointed out as “dull, dim, and lacks proper storage space.”




Being a foodie and a housewife, it was natural for Jean to fall in love with cooking. Unfortunately, the state of her previous kitchen made her less enthusiastic about staying behind the stove. “It was discouraging to see that none of the former renovators achieved my vision for the kitchen,” she shared. “I want a streamlined kitchen that has a bright and cheerful atmosphere, and maximizes every opportunity for storage.”




One of the issues, she pointed to Monoloft, was the constant disruption of her cats. A pet owner of four felines, Jean admitted that her beloved animals sometimes get in the way. Most of the time, the cats stay in the kitchen, leaving fur and food trails, which then results in a clutter. Her goals were simple: Jean wanted an enclosed space for her pets, allowing her to move freely in her kitchen. As for the design, she wanted something functional and practical, with a modern aesthetic that will make her decade-old home feel like new.




To cater to her desires, we proposed a vibrant, two-toned green motif that will bring the life back to her kitchen. Paying attention to the wall section, we built more cabinets for storage while minding her request for a roomier atmosphere. These cabinets are covered with JS147T laminate Jennings for the upper and RP2176T for the lower storage. To tie up the entire look, we furnished the space with an oak vanity from Kompacplus, giving off a naturally-textured contrast against the lush verdant colours.




Among her top problems was the lack of proper lighting. This we resolved by inviting natural light into the kitchen. By installing an aluminum-framed tempered glass divider, we hit two birds with one stone: now, there is a place for her pets for prowl, and external light now passes through the clear glass. Above, a linear task light illuminates the space nicely, reflecting the neutral tones of the homogenous floor tiles from Hafary.




By opening up a wall, and making use of the blank spaces, we have created a modern retro kitchen for Jean and her family. From now on, Jean can enjoy cooking meals, minus the distraction of her cats, and the drab atmosphere of her former kitchen.

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