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Modern Oriental

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... Carpentry

... Featurewall

... Electrical

... Ceiling

... Wallpaper

Project Description

This is our very first home project. We don’t have much in mind but we know we want a place where we can relax, stay cosy and feel right at home every single day!


We get to know Mint, our interior designer, through my friend who just finished her renovation. We did not shop around for other IDs as I was told Mint was extremely engaged in her work and Meter Square does a great job and fine quality work. These are simply the factors we are seeking.


After the first meeting with Mint, we immediately sense her enthusiasm as well as her fervent for home designing. We knew she was definitely the person who will give her best shot and do an awesome job.


Although there were only a couple of meeting and on-site review with Mint prior to the project kick-off, the meeting was efficient and productive. She knew our requirements and drew up blueprint for tv unit and storages were appealing. Hence, the changes to her design was minimum as it fits nicely to our needs.


We would like to compliment her execution ability as well as accountability. All of our questions were dealt almost instantly and it makes us feel we are being treated with high priority, which I believe this is one of the factors most customers value as of great significance.


We were extremely happy with the overall design and quality of the work. The best news is the total renovation cost was well within our budget.


Appreciate both Meter Square and Mint for their hard work and they truly deserve our recommendation if anyone is seeking to upgrade or renovate their home!

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