HDB 3 Room

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HDB 3 Room
Project Description

Homeowners are really keen to make a bold statement on their colour theme for their new house, therefore they choose red as their main colour for their living room and kitchen. Therefore we decided on modern as their theme.

Homeowner is an audio consultant therefore the feature wall have to be customised to catering his speakers. 


about this designer: Jialux Interior Pte Ltd
Jialux Interior Pte Ltd is a humble yet professional and creative interior design & renovation firm in Singapore which specializes in residential and commercial projects. We are HDB Registered Renovation Contractor (Registration No. HB-06-4835D)

Jialux Interior Pte Ltd, a humble yet professional and creative interior design & renovation firm in Singapore which is specialize in residential and commercial projects. In Jialux Interior, we do not restrict our designer’s creativity and we encourage continuous learning to further enhance our customer’s experience with us.

CREATIVITY In Jialux Interior, we are flexible in our design proposal. We listen to your ideas and integrate with ours to come out with an unique design for your place which match your personality 

TRUSTWORTHY In Jialux Interior, we believe in keep your trust in us in order to have a positive and long lasting relationship with you. Therefore our designers are trained to be responsive and continuously listen and understand your needs. 

RESPONSIBLE In Jialux Interior, we love to work with our client and suppliers closely from start to completion of the project. We take pride in what we do, therefore we will address our client’s concern and also assist them to resolve any issues encountered during the renovation process.

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