Resale Condo - Mariam Way

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Decorating a bachelor pad can be a real challenge for any. A bachelor pad should entirely represent the one who lives in it. His Hobbies, preferences in terms of art, ways of entertaining guests, style, colors, furniture, all of these plus tones of other details should outline the owner’s personality. The layout of this place was slightly awkward, to fine tune this to his liking, the Bachelor, Idham from the pharmaceutical field called upon Danny, A senior designer from Hue Concept undertook the project with great caution. Danny explains: “the idea was to have a space that was not only communal, to host friends and family, but also private. The team at Hue concept did an elegant job of streamlining the home’s silhouette with clear design soloutions. The result is a stylish bachelor pad anchored by a monochromatic palette and invigorated by “patternted” tiles, stones and rugs

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With its decade long experience, Hue Concept specialises in residential projects that accommodate HDB flats, private apartments, condominiums and landed properties. Our in-depth knowledge of current and future trends are displayed in our galleries, impressive emporiums of beautiful and inspirational design ideas located on the eastern and western corners of Singapore. On the corporate front, Hue Concept matches business ambience with functional practicality

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