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"The initial layout of this house is not simple to play with. A lot of odd angles and unevenness. But, they all worked together for good."said Tommy.

"We had to expand the kitchen and make sure that the house could occupy 3 adults and 2 teenage son and daughter. Due to Fengshui requirement, we had to conceal certain edges and area. This house truly requires a lot of forward thinking. We decided to spice up the house with shaker-style cabinet and at the end we managed to deliver a satisfactory house for the clients."

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As designers of form, space and experiences, Dots ‘n’ Tots creates branded environments and products that go beyond conventional thinking. Achieving clients’ business and brand objectives through exceptional workplace, retail and hospitality environments. We understand the importance of meeting deadlines and staying on-budget and have a track record of finding ways to save our clients money and time. We offers services in all aspects of design, including renovations, space planning, rendered floor plans & elevations, colour consultations & home staging.

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